Q&A with Michael Cobbins

Redshirt freshman forward Michael Cobbins took time on Monday to answer questions about the Cowboys' 41-point loss to Baylor, the film session that followed, trying to win a Big 12 road game and where this team goes from here.

I know it was before you were here but this team hasn't won a road game in conference play since the 2009-10 season, which was coincidentally against Iowa State. Is that something you all talk about and are aware of as you head to Iowa State or not?

"It isn't something that has been mentioned yet but it is something that sits in the back of my mind. We lost to Texas on the road and we just lost to Baylor on the road; it's not something I want to continue. We need to get a road game soon and I don't want to be labeled as, ‘They're a good home team but they can't compete on the road.'"

Ames is obviously the place the football team stumbled. Is there any type of motivation for payback in that or is it just that you all need a big win?

"I think it's just that we need a big win. We need to bounce back from the ummm, 'game' we had recently."

Speaking of that 'game,' how was the film session today? Coach Ford said it was pretty spirited.

"Oh it was. It was pretty intense. Film doesn't lie, I can say that. There were a lot of mistakes made from everybody on the team but luckily they are all mistakes that we can correct."

How is this team's mindset right now after such a lopsided loss to Baylor?

"The mindset is good but still, in the back of our minds, we're thinking about that game (against Baylor). We can't let that happen to us again. But we have to move on and prepare ourselves for the next game."

How hard was that film to watch?

"It was pretty difficult, especially for myself. I saw myself doing things I normally don't do. I was just kinda thinking to myself during the film like, ‘Wow, (the coaches) are right and film doesn't lie. I need to correct those things and get better at them.'"

Was there any calling out of guys? What was it you saw on film that was the most disturbing?

"Not really calling guys out but more like, ‘Guys, what are we really doing?' Guys were out of position, standing around, not looking right, no energy shown. It was just all types of stuff."

Coach Ford mentioned that he has the stats from that game on his bathroom mirror at home and he brushes his teeth looking at them. Is there anything that you do or plan on doing to remind yourself of it so it doesn't happen again?

"Just the thought of it actually. A stat sheet would be good, I remember (Ford) told us he was going to do that before we got off the plane, but really it's just the thought that's in my mind. We went out on national television and we got embarrassed. That's not a feeling that anybody likes to have but it just goes that way sometimes."

This is a young team and that gets mentioned a lot but how do you think you all will pick yourselves up, dust yourselves off and move on?

"I think we'll do extremely well. We know what we need to do and we know we can play better than we did and we know we can give more energy than we did. It's a matter of how much effort we put into it."

You mentioned energy and effort. How was it in practice (Monday) after a day off?

"Today I'd say the energy was a lot better. I think we started off a little sluggish but after about 10 minutes into it we started to get rolling and everybody's energy started picking up. we got our practice rolling."

To step away from the Baylor game now, the pick-and-roll game you've developed the past few weeks, specifically against OU, is that an element you knew you could bring that this team had been missing? With your ability to get to the basket off those, it has made it hard on some opponents to adjust and even harder still for them to focus on collapsing on outside shooters.

"It's a big thing we need from all of our big men. I can say it was something we definitely had had a tough time grabbing, as far as the full concept. When we first started practicing the coaches were yelling, ‘Roll! Roll! Once you start rolling you'll see things open up and you'll get free,' They were right. we're getting better shots not only inside but also outside because, as you mentioned. Once I started rolling effectively a few games ago I could actually see what the coaches were talking about. I think the first time I did it right was in the Missouri State game when I got my first dunk off the pick-and-roll. Ever since then I was like, ‘Wow, Ok, that works.'

"Actually I still keep in contact with Marshall Moses and he tells me all the time, ‘Bro, the pick-and-roll is where it's at. Now I just pick and the roll off and it's surprising how often it's there. I've got four years to perfect it."

It's obvious that Baylor game was frustrating and this season has had a lot of ups and downs but one of the positive themes for this team is that there is an almost obvious connection and flow when you, Brian Williams and Markel Brown are on the floor at the same time. Do you think that is a direct reflection of how close the three of you are off the court?

"Indeed I do. When we came in, Brian and Markel already knew each other and I was knew to the group but ever since we always hang out with each other every day. With all that bonding it's caused us to have a better chemistry on the court and have a knowledge about what one another is trying to do, where we like to get the ball on the floor and all that. We'll only continue to get better and I am very excited about that."

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