Wilson Makes OSU, Wickline Very Happy

Michael Wilson is a tremendous offensive line prospect who spent the past two seasons blocking for national record-setting running back Jonathan Gray. Wilson told us earlier Sunday that even though his commitment switch from Texas A&M to Oklahoma State had been made public via excited new teammates on Twitter, he wanted to try to do things the right way in breaking it off with the Aggies.

"I called (Texas A&M Coach Kevin Sumlin) as soon as I got home, and he didn't seem too happy (when I told him I was switching to Oklahoma State," Wilson said.

"You can tell when someone is not happy, the tone of his voice. I wish he had got the news first from me. I'm sorry for whoever tweeted it, but I understand they were all excited about it. I'm excited about it."

Michael Wilson, who is rated as a four-star offensive line prospect by Scout, is 6-6, 280 pounds and very athletic for his size. He said he kind of knew he was going to switch before his visit, but the visit reinforced his decision.

"It was really a good visit," he said, adding he had been on the phone all afternoon. "Everybody there (at OSU) was so nice and it was like I'd been friends with them for like 12 years. It's a big town, but it's a small town if you know what I'm saying."

Wilson is expecting to major in agriculture business and marketing, but he also knows that Stillwater and the surrounding area offer him one of his favorite diversions.

"I do a ton of hunting and fishing, and yes, I hear there is a lot in the area," said Wilson. "My player host was Jake Jenkins and he and Charlie Moore had come in from geese hunting when we met up on Friday. It all really fits me there," added the talented Wilson.

We had to ask Wilson what it was like to block for high school football's all-time record touchdown producer in Gray.

"It was a lot of fun," said Wilson. "You would think he is really cocky, but he is truly the most humble guy you could ever meet. Every time he scores, the first place he goes is over to us to tell us what a great job we did. He is one of the best guys I have ever known."

In the future, Wilson will be playing against Gray as Gray goes to Texas, but Wilson will have plenty of backs to block for in Stillwater.

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