Zac Veatch: His Coach's Take is interviewing the coach for each of the Oklahoma State commitments leading up to National Signing Day. In this installment of "His Coach's Take," we visit with Steve Spavital, the head coach at Broken Arrow (Okla.) about Zac Veatch, a 6-4, 250-pound tight end. The all-state performer projects more as an offensive lineman at OSU.

What are Zac's strengths as a football player?

"Leadership. I think Zac is a tremendous leader and that was one of his greatest assets. Not only was he a tremendous player and strong and physical, he did a phenomenal job as a vocal leader and took command of our team."

What do you think will be the biggest transition for him moving from the high school game to the Big 12 Conference?

"It's going to be tremendous but you have to be a tremendous player to be able to overcome that and he's one of them. He's a hard worker, he's going to be there every day and he's going to dedicate himself to improve every day. It's going to be dramatic, as expected, but you couldn't ask for a better guy that will be able to make the transition."

Do you think he has a chance to make an instant impact or will there be an adjustment period for him?

"Well he's so versatile that it becomes more of, 'Where do they want him?' He's a kid that can play defensive end, tight end or even move in to play center. He's a versatile athlete. I would say he needs to be redshirted to get stronger but more so they can find out where his strengths lie and have that year to improve and hone his skills at the position they select."

Why do you think he chose Oklahoma State?

"He wanted to stay in state and he's always been fascinated by Oklahoma State. He's enjoyed their success. Being a home-grown athlete, if you can play in-state at a major Division I college like Oklahoma State, that's just a tremendous opportunity. He had a lot of offers but OSU was the one he was hoping for. When it came through he made the decision very quickly."

What do you think he is capable of accomplishing over the course of his college career at OSU?

"I think it's endless. It just depends on where they find a spot for him and how he continues to grow. He will have a tremendous impact on Oklahoma State University and will be a great player for them. You're not going to be able to run this kid off. He's going to be there every day, he's going to be sold out for the program, he will have a lot of success academically and on the field. And, being the leader he is, I see him doing a lot of things in the community, as well. I just think he's a phenomenal athlete and a better person."

What will you remember the most about coaching him?

"His intensity, his desire and his leadership. He has a 'no fear' attitude. Coaches now are so competitive and you want your players to be competitive and he was definitely one of the most competitive players I have ever coached. What he was able to accomplish in all areas were bar none among the best I've ever seen."

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