Jacobs Makes Grandma Happy With OSU Choice

Seth Jacobs was the last recruit to make his decision to sign with Oklahoma State. But he sure knows how to make an entrance as he arrived at the gym at Arroyo Grande for his signing ceremony Wednesday night wearing a nice neatly pressed dark suit and a diamond design tie.

Jacobs is one of those fortunate guys who can buy a suit off the rack and as long as it can handle his biceps then he is good. The 6-2 and now 210 pound Jacobs is in tip-top shape.

While OSU head coach Mike Gundy had mentioned that the Cowboys uniforms came up in a lot of his conversations during his visits with recruits while in California, Jacobs dressed to the nines. But he wasn't looking for a fancy suit on the football field.

"There are some things more important than uniforms. It's nice to look good and have those kinds of things, but you have to dig deeper than that when you are trying to make a decision on a school," said the serious Jacobs.

Arroyo Grande head coach Tom Goossen set the stage for the announcement, but as Jacobs looked over the caps before picking up the Oklahoma State hat and put it on, the roar went up in Cowboy country.

"Yeah, I mean my phone was going off all night from everybody on Facebook and Twitter and all the media sites," said Jacobs, who followed the hat ceremony with a few signatures on the scholarship papers. "It was a good feeling and everything and more I could ask for. I was very happy."

Jacobs was very careful. The top defensive player in the CIF Southern Section and one of the best defensive players in all of California with 151 tackles this past season had some help in knowing Oklahoma.

His father grew up in Oklahoma and even played for a state championship high school team at Tulsa's tradition-rich Booker T. Washington. His grandmother still lives in Tulsa and he was back there to meet even more family this summer at a family reunion.

"You know it definitely helped a little bit, but I wasn't afraid of going away from family and going away from home," said Jacobs of the decision and his knowledge of Oklahoma and OSU.

"I was wanting to experience something new. I want to come back to California and I really like California, but I wanted to go through the process and see the Midwest and the East Coast, and I love the game of football. The opportunity presented itself and Oklahoma State felt the most comfortable. I felt the most comfortable there and I am very happy with my decision."

Jacobs' hometown of Arroyo Grande is in the middle of California, not far from San Luis Obispo, and it is different than L.A. or the Bay Area. It is farming country and rural, a little like Oklahoma.

"Yeah, we do have a place that is really different (from other parts of California)," said Jacobs. "I am willing to sacrifice that. It is really laid back and there is not a ton to do here, but it's relaxing and you really do make great relationships with people because of that. I really like that aspect of things."

Jacobs, who also visited Arizona State, Arkansas, Colorado and UCLA, said the visits were important. He was very scrutinizing on his trips trying to get a feel for what it would be like to be in school at each campus. Those trips were the key to unlocking his decision on signing day night.

"They were and I had to get a true feel of what was right for me and where I felt most comfortable," Jacobs explained. "I really had to shift through things and see where I felt most comfortable with the players and the coaches. I also wanted to see what the people around the community had to say about it."

The football was important too. Oklahoma State presented a plan that called for Jacobs to play the star linebacker position, the hybrid linebacker-safety that is involved in all kinds of stuff from pass rush to pass coverage and all run defense phases.

"My thing is that I'm working to come in and do the best that I can at everything," he said. "I realize that (Shaun Lewis) is a really talented player and has a good head on his shoulders, but like you said he doesn't have that relief to come in and do that. I could come in and get some playing time on the field if I come in and work at it and play hard.

"It would be great to come in and get some snaps and play special teams and get used to the speed of the game. It is a great opportunity and I certainly hope that I can take advantage of it."

Jacobs will run track this spring at Arroyo Grande and spend the last half of his senior year enjoying friends like Brent Vanderveen, the quarterback on the team, and looking back on a complete job this senior class did in building up the football program.

"It was great especially since we won the CIF Championship," Jacobs said of his final high school season. "It felt like it was something written in a book. It just felt so good.

"I was on the varsity team for four years and in my freshman season we went 4-6 and did not make the playoffs. The mentality was not all there. In my sophomore year that changed and we made it to the playoffs for the first time in seven years I want to say.

"Then after that my junior year we made it to the CIF championship game and lost to Serra and they had like 12 Division I players on their team. The this last year we won the CIF Championship (over Culver City) and we got to play at home for our CIF championship so it was real nice."

It was also really nice that Jacobs made Oklahoma State fans happy by choosing the Cowboys. It never hurts to make your grandmother happy either. "Oh yeah, she was excited. She is so happy."

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