Recruiting Analysis: OSU's Scholarship Needs

Let's try to do this just the way the Oklahoma State staff would do it in the staff meeting room or the recruiting war room. The Cowboys coaching staff will look at each class, evaluating the numbers and position. Now situations develop within your team all the time, so the numbers and needs can fluctuate some.

This look should give you a better understanding of what head coach Mike Gundy was speaking of last Wednesday at his news conference during the Signing Day Showcase at the Alumni Center. Remember, we are looking at scholarship players only.

2013 Oklahoma State Cowboys
Seniors – 17
Quarterbacks – 0
Running Backs – 2
David Paulsen, FB
Kye Staley, FB

Wide Receivers – 1
Isaiah Anderson
Inside Receivers/Tight Ends - 2
Justin Horton
Tracy Moore

Offensive Line - 4
Michael Bowie, OT
DeJuan Davis, OG
Jonathan Rush, OG
Lane Taylor, OG

Defensive Tackles - 2
Maurice Hayes, NT
Nigel Nicholas, DT

Defensive Ends – 2
Cooper Bassett
Ryan Robinson
Star Linebacker – 0
Linebackers – 1
Alex Elkins, WLB
Cornerbacks – 2
Brodrick Brown
Andrae May

Safeties – 0
Specialist – 1
Quinn Sharp, P/K

Juniors - 24
Quarterbacks - 1
Clint Chelf
Running backs - 2
Joseph Randle
Jeremy Smith

Wide receivers - 1
Michael Harrison
Inside receivers/Tight ends - 2
Blake Jackson
Charlie Moore

Offensive line - 2
Parker Graham, OT
Brandon Webb, OG

Defensive tackles - 3
Calvin Barnett
Davidell Collins
Anthony Rogers

Defensive ends - 0
Star linebacker - 1
Shaun Lewis
Linebackers - 3
Tyler Johnson, MLB
Caleb Lavey. MLB
Joe Mitchell, WLB
Cornerback - 3
Justin Gilbert
Devin Hedgepeth
Larry Stephens

Safeties - 5
Lavocheya Cooper, SS
Zack Craig, SS
Shamiel Gary, FS
Deion Imade, FS
Daytawion Lowe, FS

Specialist - 1
Andrew Suter, LS

Sophomores - 21
Quarterbacks - 0
Running backs - 2
Desmond Roland
Herschel Sims

Wide receivers - 1
Kevin Johnson
Inside receivers/Tight ends - 1
Josh Stewart
Offensive Line - 5
Jake Jenkins, C
Gerron Anthony, OG
Eli Dickerson, OT
Daniel Koenig, OT
Chris Grishby, OT

Defensive Tackles - 4
James Castleman, NT
Christian Littlehead, NT
Joe Okafor, DT
Diamonte Wheeler, NT

Defensive Ends - 1
Jimmy Bean
Star Linebacker - 2
Lyndell Johnson
Nico Ornelas

Linebackers - 2
Kris Catlin, WLB
Ryan Simmons, MLB

Cornerbacks - 0
Safeties - 1
Isaac Maselera, SS
Specialists - 0

Freshman (RS/HS) - 29
Quarterbacks - 2
Wes Lunt (HS)
J.W. Walsh (RS)

Running Backs - 1
Caleb Muncrief (HS)
Wide Receivers - 6
C.J. Curry (HS)
Torrance Carr (RS)
Austin Hays (HS)
Isaac McCoy (RS)
Jhajuan Seales (HS)
Brandon Sheperd (HS)

Inside Receivers/Tight Ends - 4
David Glidden (RS)
Dominic Ramacher (HS)
Zac Veatch (HS)
Blake Webb (HS)

Offensive Line - 5
Greg Brantley (HS)
Travis Cross (RS)
Devin Davis (RS)
Paul Lewis (HS)
Michael Wilson (HS)

Defensive Tackles - 0
Defensive Ends - 4
Trace Clark (HS)
Eric Davis (HS)
Victor Krokansi (HS)
Emmanuel Ogbah (HS)

Star Linebacker - 1
Seth Jacobs (HS)
Linebackers - 2
Demarcus Sherod (RS)
Jeremiah Tshimanga (HS)

Cornerbacks - 4
Jonovan Griffin (RS)
Miketavius Jones (RS)
Kevin Peterson (HS)
Ashton Lampkin (HS)

Specialists - 1
Matt Green (RS), P/K

2013 Recruiting Class
(by numbers and positions)
1 QB: Another QB gets you to 4 scholarship QBs in the program
2 RB/FB: Ideally one of each
1 WR: You have lots of young WR
1 IR: Again, lots of young IR too
1 TE: The need to continue building the position back
3 OL: Wickline gets nervous if he doesn't have enough OLs in the class
2 DT: Match the number of seniors graduating
2 DE: Ditto for defensive ends
1 LB: You only lose one, albeit a good one and the young LBs look good
2 CB: You need to match what is leaving the program, CBs are critical 1 wild card: Sharp leaves, but if Stonebraker and Green can hold it up, this becomes a wild card for a developing need or a difference maker at any position

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