Wickline Finds Another Sleeper With Grishby

During the course of recruiting we found out that Joe Wickline had been at it again. The Cowboys offensive line coach, who seems to specialize at finding prospects that nobody else does had done it again and Chris Grisbhy was visiting Oklahoma State on an official visit weekend.

A few years back Wickline discovered that NEO had an offensive tackle in the spring that had played pretty well as a redshirt freshman and had three-years to play and was eligible to transfer to a Division I school. The current NEO head coach was trying to keep the young man under the radar to block for one more season in Miami, but Wickline had found him, offered him, and got Levy Adcock to Stillwater where the rest is history.

Now comes Grisbhy and, like Adcock, he has three-years of eligibility. In his redshirt freshman season at Blinn Junior College, the 6-5, 315-pound Grisbhy earned first-team All-Conference honors in the Southwest Junior College Football Conference.

"It is great," said Grisbhy. "I'm really happy and I like coach Wickline. He is cool and he is going to help me get better and maybe help me get to the NFL."

He has done that for some other Cowboy linemen. Now wherever Grisbhy ends up in football, he will be responsible in part for even playing the sport again. His story is a little reminiscent to another former Blinn player at Oklahoma State in linebacker Alex Elkins, who had not played football until he got to Blinn through a tryout. Elkins was a rugby and baseball player in high school. Grisbhy played football while growing up, but after his sophomore season in high school at Brazoswood was told to give up the sport by his doctor.

"I was going to a pediatrician and I had high blood pressure and was overweight," explained Grisbhy. "He said I had a heart problem with a heart valve and that I should not be playing football, so I didn't. I still threw the shot put in track. I still wanted to play football, so I would run on my own and I lost weight. I lost 30 pounds."

Grisbhy went back to a doctor, this time cardiologist and he got a different opinion.

"My blood pressure was down, I'd lost weight," said Grisbhy. "The doctor said I did have a problem with a heart valve, but it was a minor problem and there was no reason that I couldn't play football. I was so happy and I just started crying and hugging my mother and my sisters."

The coaches at Blinn may have started hugging each other as well. Grisbhy needed some work, but he played at a very high level. There was no keeping him a secret and around for another year in Brenham, Division I coaches like Wickline were discovering who Grisbhy was in a hurry.

Grisbhy has some attitude on the field, but off of it he acts like someone with low blood pressure.

"I'm really laid back," he said. "I just like talking to my friends and being real chilled. I like to get my rest. I really love my family especially my mother, Jackie, she is everything to me and my two little sisters."

After the stories of Elkins and Grisbhy, don't be surprised if the Cowboys start checking out the additions each season from those tryouts at Blinn Junior College. That's two in two years for the Cowboys.

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