Q&A with Brian Williams

Redshirt freshman Brian Williams was a key figure in Oklahoma State's upset of then-No. 2 Missouri on Jan. 25. Williams had a then career-high 22 points in the upset. Williams and the Cowboys head to face No. 3 Missouri in a rematch on Wednesday. Williams met with the media on Monday and discussed his redshirt year, the press against KU and the upcoming game with the Tigers.

What was last year like for you having to watch from the bench while you were redshirting?

"It killed me because I saw on the court everybody doing stuff that I could do and I saw that we were losing and I felt I could've contributed in some ways and I'm getting my chance now. Me and Mike talked a lot and I used to question whether I was ready or not in the preseason but when conference came around I knew that I could do it."

Who did you lean on the most during that time?

"Mr. Michael Cobbins and Markel (Brown) too because he came in as one of us and we worked out a lot this summer and he was actually getting in and I used to ask him, ‘Markel could I get buckets in this game?' and he would say, ‘Yeah you'd get points in this game.'"

What was it like watching Markel?

"It was tough but at the same time that's like my brother so I was loving it. He was supporting me and he used to come to my individuals when me and Mike would work out and he so I knew I needed to be supportive while he was on the court."

What was the hardest thing?

"All the workouts. They work you out as much as they could before games, after games on off days, you just had to keep your phone on because they would text you and say be at the gym in 30 minutes. That was definitely tough and we had to grind the year out because it was a long year last year so don't get that twisted but this one is quick this year because we are actually playing. It's up and down with success but we are trying to stay positive."

Looking at it now, how do you think it benefitted you?

"I got smarter and understand the game more and, of course, I got stronger, faster and just got to understand coach Ford's system."

What were your thoughts on the press you all ran against Kansas in the second half, forcing them into 11 turnovers?

"The second half we didn't want it to get ugly like it did in the Baylor game so our thing was let's win this half and maybe win the game. We cut the lead to 12 and then it was just downhill from there. We just kind of through it out there and (coach Ford) threw me and Markel at the front of it and told us, ‘Don't let those guards past halfcourt.' So we did our best to contain it and then the backline held it down with steals."

Do you think you all will go to the press again, given how successful it was?

"Definitely, we play Kansas again and I think that will definitely be in effect next time."

You all have a tough test on Wednesday against No. 3 Missouri on the road. What did you all learn last time when you upset them that you can use this time around?

"The main thing we learned from playing Missouri is that it taught us we could play with anybody. They were No. 2 in the country and in my eyes we beat them at what they do — transition. I think we ran pretty well that game so I think we should run more."

They are a very good team but it's really a good matchup for you all, isn't it?

"It benefits us a lot that we are pretty much bigger than them at every position. They are very skilled players and we respect that but I think we matchup well against them."

How badly do you think they want revenge?

"I'm sure they will make changes. Le'Bryan (Nash) said he talked with (Missouri guard) Phil Pressey and he said his coaches warned them that they could get upset and then it happened so I'm sure they will reemphasize that."

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