One-on-One With Rob Glass

Rob Glass, Oklahoma State's assistant athletic director for strength and conditioning, was a guest on Robert Allen's radio show Wednesday. He seemed happy with the work so far in the Cowboys winter conditioning program. Glass said they are seven weeks into an eight-week program that will conclude as he turns the team back over to head coach Mike Gundy and the staff for spring football.

Glass is also in charge of NFL Pro Day, which Oklahoma State will host next week. Glass said with it will be a huge day with Justin Blackmon running the forty, Brandon Weeden working out, and Markelle Martin working out.

RA: I like to show up and watch the competition days (Tuesdays) during the off-season workouts and it sure looks like attitude and work ethic is high with this group.
Glass: They really are working hard, and the players really like it because we divide up into the eight teams. We have a captain of each team and they draft their own teams. It has been really good and it fosters a lot of leadership and competitiveness. The kids are really getting into it and getting after it.

RA: This is the first off-season coming off a championship and a BCS bowl win. You always hear it is so hard to repeat and you would think you would need to guard against complacency and entitlement. How do you feel this off-season is going and have you checked for that?
Glass: That is very true and we talked about it as a staff, and that is human nature, at times, for guys to want to glide a little bit. That is our job to keep them going and to motivate them. You know we've got some guys that it will be their first opportunity to play extensively and that kind of takes care of itself a little bit. We do have some guys that have started a couple of seasons and we have to find some ways to motivate and get them going strong. It is something you do have to guard against, but the kids have been terrific and the staff has commented on that in that the effort has been really good from day one. The way they have been training, and we are now in week seven of the eight-week program, and guys are dragging a little bit. This is where we need the leaders to step up and push them through it. The kids have done an outstanding job so far.

RA: Don't want to put you on the spot but who are some of the guys that are really picking it up in this offseason.
Glass: Well, you know, it is kind of hard because everybody in their own way is going to make strides and improve and redefine their body. The guys that are more noticeable are guys like Jimmy Bean, who has put on 20 pounds and has reduced his body fat by two percent, so he is a guy that people kind of ask about and he's doing well. We have a lot of young linebackers that are very athletic and are doing a really nice job there. On the offensive side we have Herschel Walker (slip), I mean Herschel Sims that has done a really nice job of improving his flexibility. Those are things that people don't always see and Herschel is also working on his speed. It is really hard to pick guys out. When we break each guy down and everybody's needs and we're trying to enhance their performance we see good things with almost every guy. It is hard to pin down just a few guys. We have a lot of guys that have put on some good lean muscle mass on their frame.

RA: Mike Gundy mentioned moving Nigel Nicholas to end on defense, and he looks good.
Glass: That will be a good fit for him out there and will be a good move for us to get some pressure one-on-one out on the edge where down inside at 275 or 280 he will have a hard time with the double team. I'm really glad they did that. It is interesting when we talk about the roster as a whole those guys on the defense line, their strength levels are really coming up. Ryan Robinson has done an outstanding job and has really got stronger.

RA: I know Justin Gilbert may be one of the best athletes on the team, playing over at cornerback.
Glass: You know he has a ton of physical traits, is blessed with great genetics, and has a lot of speed. Really, where Justin is coming up a lot is on the leadership standpoint on the defensive side. He is becoming a leader. You know, I think he was feeling his way out there at corner for awhile, but now he is really stepping up and has become a leader for us in the weight room.

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