Weeden Preparing For Pro Day

Former Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden is back from his extended training period in Phoenix/Scottsdale, Ariz., at Athlete's Performance Institute where he prepared for both the Senior Bowl and the NFL Combine. Weeden returned to Oklahoma where he is preparing now for Oklahoma State's Pro Day, which will be held next Friday.

It is expected that a large number of NFL head coaches, coordinators, and position coaches will join team scouts and administrators for the event.

All-American wide receiver Justin Blackmon is expected to run the 40-yard dash and participate in a field workout, Weeden will have a field workout and another throwing workout, Markelle Martin a field workout, Josh Cooper a field workout, plus more work from Jamie Blatnick and Johnny Thomas.

Defensive end Richetti Jones, offensive tackle Levy Adcock and center Grant Garner also are expected to work out. There are other workouts as well.

On Friday morning Weeden was going through his throwing work at Boone Pickens Stadium and afterwards he spoke with us.

RA: You have had a bunch of interviews. Are you burned out on interviews?
Weeden: I have, and you know me, I enjoy them and have fun with them but there comes a point and time that you, well no one likes talking about themselves every time you turn around. That is the hardest part. It is part of the process. You have to sell yourself, be a businessman and tell your story. I really, you know me Robert, it doesn't bother me one bit and I just try to have fun with it.

RA: You worked hard in Arizona, but I know you had some fun too. Some of that relaxation for you is swinging the golf club, but out in Arizona some of it was being a golf spectator. You got to go to the Phoenix Waste Management Open?
Weeden: I did go. Rickie (Fowler) got us tickets. Zac Robinson flew in and Andrew Mitchell flew in and then Mark Johnson was out there. We all went, and Ricky was nice enough to hook us up and get us tickets to enjoy the PGA Tour treatment. It was hard to even tell that a golf tournament was going on. It was like there were 300,000 people there and it was a big party with just a little bit of golf going on. We got to play a little golf that weekend too. We had a great time.

RA: When we there for the Fiesta Bowl, I drove Dave Hunziker and John Holcomb out there to the Scottsdale TPC and they played the course. The stands were up and Dave was pumped about playing the 16th hole, the loudest hole in golf. Did you do some hollering at that hole during the tournament?
Weeden: I wanted to on Saturday, but the line to get in was ridiculous, and we weren't patient enough. On Sunday we went over and watched Rickie (Fowler) come through, and we got in there and it was still a pretty good environment. I've played that course when the stands are up and even if no one is there that is still a pretty intimidating hole. Rickie came through and pumped the crowd up and stuck it within 10 feet and then pumped the crowd up again and hit the putt for birdie. That was a pretty cool deal.

RA: How were your interviews with the NFL teams? That can be intimidating as they try to feel you out for how much football you know. You are a smart X's and O's guy. How'd that go for you?
Weeden: The interviews were great with the teams. The formal interviews are only 15 minutes and they want to get to know you, so they don't waste any time. In those I really didn't actually get up at the white board, but in the informal stuff with the OC's and the quarterback coaches you do some of that. In the formal interview, the thing I had to deal with is they would show you tape and they would throw in a bad play and ask you to explain yourself. For example, my most boneheaded decision was when I stepped out of the back end zone at Texas. Two of the six teams I met with put that play on there, so I don't know how you explain that. I guess the positive was they didn't put a pick-six on there and ask me to explain that. Stuff like that and you have to explain yourself, that is the hard part. The X's and O's and showing what I know there I feel comfortable in that setting.

RA: Explain or compare the difference of this process versus baseball?
Weeden: It is apples and oranges. In baseball you are in high school and you go to a showcase with scouts watching, and fortunately for me I lit up a radar gun and that was how I gained attention. In football, you have 26 games on tape, they dissect you there and nit-pick you and they bring you in to the Senior Bowl or East-West Shrine Game and watch you do it again. Then they bring you into the combine, Pro Day, and then private workouts. There are more moving part to this and you do interviews and you are talking to coaches on the phone. It is a lot more in-depth and there is more background. They get a lot deeper into you as a person and a player. In baseball they are hoping to get a few players out of 50 picks. In this process they have to be right because they only have a limited amount of picks. Baseball is a crap shoot and in the NFL they have to hit it on the head.

RA: You are going to the Fired Football Coaches Association with Jon Gruden, that's cool.
Weeden: I'm pumped. I had an opportunity to meet Gruden the past few years in the summer at the Manning Passing Camp. I leave the 12th of March and it airs April 18 (7 p.m. CT on ESPNU). I don't know what to expect but the thing I did with (Steve) Mariucci (of the NFL Network) was a lot of fun and hopefully it is something like that. It will be a little bit longer. I'm looking forward to it because he has got a great personality and he does a good job on Monday Night Football and all of that stuff. It is going to be a lot of fun.

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