Team Chelf Wins Competition Day Title

It has become one of the highlights and one of the most useful tools for Rob Glass and his strength and conditioning staff in the offseason and Tuesday afternoon it was a battle for the top spot between teams drafted by the two elder statesmen quarterbacks on the team. Competition Day is on Tuesdays in the offseason program and pits eight teams in a tournament to decide the champion.

The competition is in eight different contests: sled pull, push sled, 5-10-15 shuttle, three-cone drill, team tug-of-war, one-on-one tug-of-war, bag drills, and obstacle course.

In the final on Tuesday, Team (Clint) Chelf defeated Team (J.W.) Walsh, 36-27.

"It was a good victory," said Chelf, a junior from Enid who will start out as the top quarterback on the spring depth chart after backing up Brandon Weeden the past two seasons.

"It made it a little sweeter that it was against J.W.'s team, but it shows that the two quarterbacks know how to pick teams. It's just good to come out and compete and it was intense. Both teams were really getting after it."

The competition started out dead even as the pull sled was the opening event where each competitor wears a harness and pulls a sled loaded with weights. The event started with defensive end Tyler Johnson for Team Chelf gaining an advantage after a false start by fellow defensive lineman Davidell Collins. Team Walsh took the lead with wins coming from running back Herschel Sims, who really appears to have benefitted from the offseason program, and both linebacker Alex Elkins and wide receiver Charlie Moore. At the end Christian Littlehead's win over Joe Okafor left the event even at four wins each.

Team Chelf found the going good on the push sleds as linebacker Joe Mitchell edged J.W. Walsh in an early heat and Tyler Johnson had similar success with the push sled as he did the pull sled competition. Team Chelf won the even 6-2 and took a 10-6 lead overall.

Team Walsh made a comeback on the 5-10-15 shuttle with Charlie Moore and new Lawton MacArthur walk-on wide receiver Nate Miller scoring wins. In maybe the most impressive heat, running back Joe Randle scored a win at the wire for Team Chelf after Herschel Sims led most of the way. Team Walsh won the event 5-3 to make the score 13-11 in favor of Team Chelf.

The score was reversed on the 5-10-5 cone drill as Team Chelf won by a 5-3 count to lead 18-14 overall heading to the tug-of-war.

The tug-of-war can be a long, drawn out battle, but each team won once with an overwelming weight edge. Team Walsh loaded up with James Castleman, Davidell Collins, Charlie Moore and Joe Okafor on the first tug against a foursome of mostly skill players. Then Team Chelf countered with Blake Jackson, Tyler Johnson, Christian Littlehead and Parker Graham against a smaller group from Team Walsh for a quick win. That left the score 22-18 going to the one-on-one tug event.

This was where Team Chelf took control as linebacker Joe Mitchell defeated Herschel Sims in a hard fought battle. In an even more impressive struggle Tyler Johnson worked and worked to finally get a stubborn Alex Elkins past the line for another win for Team Chelf. In all, Team Chelf won seven of eight battles for a 29-19 lead going to the final two events.

It only took one event for Team Chelf to clinch the victory. Just before the clinching win, the two captains and quarterbacks went head-to-head for the only time all day as Chelf won by a couple of steps coming off the agility drills using the four bags on the ground. You could sense the intense competition. The win was clinched with offensive tackle Parker Graham wiining his heat for Team Chelf over Davidell Collins. The final score would end up 36-27.

"It makes it nice when you picked the team, and I was proud because my guys really wanted to win," added Chelf. "It's nice to finally be a champion in this."

In the other contests Tuesday, Team (Kye) Staley took third place over Team (Brodrick) Brown 36-26. Fifth place went to Team (Cooper) Bassett by virtue of a 36-27 win over Team (Lane) Taylor. Seventh place was decided with a 33-29 win by Team (Shaun) Lewis over Team (Caleb) Lavey.

"I don't think there is any doubt that it is one of the best things that we do for our football team and the coaches," said head coach Mike Gundy.

"It's a very enjoyable experience and it's an opportunity for us to see young men that will have to make plays for us this fall on Saturdays, whether they are a freshman or somebody that didn't get a lot of opportunities for us last year, and let's us see who will compete. Players show up. Justin Blackmon showed up and Nick Martinez showed up in these drills years ago. It is a great measuring stick for where we are going and who we are going to be this fall."

Before Gundy and the coaches get the players for spring football, Glass and his staff have them the rest of the week to conclude the eight-week off-season cycle of training.

Spring football starts with the first of 15 practices next Monday.

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