Gundy Talks Spring Football

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy spoke with reporters before the start of NFL Pro Day on the Oklahoma State campus and at Boone Pickens Stadium. Here were some of our questions for Coach Gundy.

GP: Is this a good event on the eve of the start of spring football for your players to see all of these NFL people here and what comes with the success that is going on in this program right now?

MG: "I think it is good for two groups, one is our players. The majority of the players that come to Oklahoma State for college also want to fulfill a dream of playing in the NFL, so the players that are here, they will show up and be around and I'm sure dream of being in the same situation at the end of their college career. Then it is also good for the players that we are recruiting. Don't think that all this media coverage and what is going on out here doesn't effect young men that dream of going on to play in the NFL some day."

GP: How much do you expect from the defense this spring?

MG: "Our defense is going to be better. We have more speed and we are more athletic and we have some guys that are going to be part of position changes. I expect them to go out and play hard and chase the football and our goal, like always, is going to be to force turnovers."

GP: What do you expect out of this team, overall, this spring?

MG: "We want to continue with our system and the base core values of what we have in Oklahoma State football. It is effort, accountability, and structure and discipline on the football field and off. It has been that way for the last seven years here and it has become better each year. We've had players that have left our program here and have concerned people that love Oklahoma State football and we have young players that have stepped up. Those players will always play better than you think when it is time for them to step up. Our goal is to keep the core values intact and that we play hard with great effort."

GP: You just described what you need to happen at quarterback with Weeden leaving and needing to have younger guys step up.

MG: "It is hard to replace Brandon Weeden. It is hard to replace Blackmon, hard to replace Dez, Kendall Hunter, and you can just go right down the line. Other players will step up and make plays. I'm not concerned with any position on our football team. We have guys that will make plays. They love being a part of the team and that is big. They understand the big picture and that is way more important than any individual position on our team."

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