Pro Day: Q&A with Jamie Blatnick

Former Oklahoma State defensive end Jamie Blatnick was one of 16 Cowboys who worked out for NFL representatives and executives on Friday in Stillwater and he turned in position drills and clocked a 4.76 40-yard dash but bypassed the other drills because of a lingering chest injury and the fact he performed in the NFL Combine already. Blatnick spoke with reporters after the event.

How do you think the day went for you overall outside of the drills?

"I think I impressed them. I got on the white boards and drew some plays up and stuff. You know, I think I did everything I could do to put myself in a position to be successful."

Apparently there were some issues where maybe you weren't going to work out today. You hurt your pectoral?

"I strained my pec mightily in Indianapolis and it was enough to make me stop. The doctor just said to ice it and rest for a week to 10 days and see how it felt, well that puts us to about today. I didn't want to just jump under there and do something crazy and possibly hurt myself. I was just fortunate that I got a decent number up in Indianapolis so I didn't feel like I had to push myself.

"I don't think my strength is an issue. I think they wanted to know how fast I am."

Can you speak to how big this type of showing on Pro Day is to a school like OSU?

"I feel like numbers wise this is very big. I haven't seen so many guys out here since I've been here. I think that's do to having good players and the success of the program. If we went 6-6, there wouldn't be nearly this many people out here. That's because of everybody, from the strength staff to the to the coaches to the players, that's everyone working together and getting the job done. That leads to rewards like this."

What is your assessment of your day?

"I think I did well. I improved on the things I wanted to improve on and, like I said, put myself in the best position to be successful and now I'm just going to stay in shape, kick back and see what happens."

Talk a little about the 3-4 and the 4-3 defenses and a guy like you. They like to use the word "tweener" but you're trying to show you're a versatile guy who can play a lot of different spots and do a lot of different things.

"Yeah I hate that word. During the season my playing weight was about 275 and I cut weight down to 263 to show people I can play outside linebacker. At the combine I did linebacker drills and I thought I did very well in those. They didn't question how strong I was or how hard I worked, they just questioned how I worked in space and if I could flip my hips and move and run; I think I proved I could do that. Putting weight back on wouldn't be an issue if someone wanted me to play end and cutting down more or staying right where I am is not an issue either."

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