OSU Spring Football Notebook

Running back Joseph Randle really doesn't have any pertinent comments on the quarterbacks. He really just wants to make sure there is one there to hand him the ball.

"Coaches say it is an open competition and since they are the ones that make the decision, then I have to go along with what they are saying," said the Wichita, Kan., native.

As for the newest quarterback, freshman Wes Lunt, Randle said, "He's a hard worker and he has worked really hard since he got here."

Attitudes Have Changed
Running backs coach Jemals Singleton said his most pleasant surprise has been two-fold. First, with his position he has seen young pups Herschel Sims and Desmond Roland really come along and mature and improve.

"They were young. Both of them had played as freshmen, but they were still young. Seeing their football knowledge grow – just basic stuff like the fundamentals of football," explained Singleton.

"It's been good to see that they're willing to do that. They're trying to learn more of the football side of it, not just, ‘hey, I'm a running back, I run the football.' They're learning how schemes are involved. They're learning how protections are involved. I've been impressed that they're willing to step out of their comfort zone and continue to learn."

His other pleasant surprise has been the support the program gets and how rabid Cowboy fans have become.

"I knew about Oklahoma State before coming here," said Singleton. "I knew this was a program that won and had facilities, great support and all of that. I had always heard that Oklahoma State fans are great fans, they're supportive and they've been around for the good years and the down years.

"After being here for a year, I've seen that this is a fan base that is all-in. They're not just around when things are going well. I really got that feeling from the community and from Oklahoma State supporters. It's been nice getting to know the area and the people involved in the program."

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