Q&A with Tracy Moore

Tulsa Union product Tracy Moore is the leading returning receiver for the Cowboys after catching 45 passes for 672 yards and four touchdowns in Oklahoma State's Big 12 title run in 2011. Moore has been asked to move to outside receiver and figures to be an integral part of the Cowboys' aerial attack in 2012. Moore spoke with the media following Wednesday's practice.

Does it feel good to be back out on the field after a break?

"It's hot. It wasn't this hot when we first started but the heat's picked up a little bit and we're battling that a lot more than we have the past few springs."

You mentioned before spring practice that you are curious to see how the quarterback battle goes. After what you've seen so far, how do you feel it's going?

"They're all developing on their own and growing up each practice. All of them are stepping up and rising to the occasion. Right now it's just going to be a head game that will determine which one of them gets over the top."

Does a competition like that and the split reps with the No. 1s prevent developing chemistry at all?

"Not really. It comes down to them knowing what to do and who to throw it to rather than how they throw it to them or timing or accuracy at this point. Once they get the playbook down they'll all be fine."

You've mentioned that they all have their own moments where one shows up more than the others that day. Is there an example of that today?

"That's right. One of them does a little more than the others each time out and today it was J.W. Walsh who showed us a lot. We really just don't know yet. No predictions right now."

How has your shift to the outside gone at this point?

"It's been pretty difficult. It's easy in a way because I know the playbook and everything so that's simple, but at the same time it's a lot more running than it was on the inside. It's that part that I'm still adjusting to and getting in better shape for but I'll be ready."

What have the coaches asked you to do from a physical standpoint to make the transition?

"I got asked to drop a couple pounds but I was already pretty much where they wanted me to be. It was just an insurance type thing to lose maybe five more pounds or run a little extra after practice. The weight loss will come from the little bit of extra conditioning and I've been doing that extra running to get ready."

Will you speak to the maturation of some of the younger receivers and how they're coming along?

"They're doing pretty good. I know Blake (Jackson) isn't really a ‘younger' receiver but he's come in strong and started to learn the playbook pretty well. He's starting to adjust on his conditioning and stuff, too. Torrance Carr is starting to step up; Josh Stewart has always been good. I feel pretty good about this receiving corps and I don't think we've dropped off too much from last year."

It sounds like everybody has been pretty impressed with Blake Jackson so far.

"Oh yeah. He's got the physicality, the speed and the ability to play right now at this level."

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