Mike Gundy's Scrimmage Analysis

Oklahoma State held its first major scrimmage of the spring on Monday. The scrimmage had originally been scheduled for last Wednesday, but weather concerns and the health of the top center on the depth chart contributed to a delay until Monday afternoon. Head coach Mike Gundy shared his thoughts after the scrimmage.

Gundy's overall assessment:The defense really ran to the ball well. Our second-level defenders (linebackers) really went sideways well and eliminated some (offensive) speed on the perimeter, whether it was a quick throw or a running play. Our defensive line controlled the scrimmage, which forced the (quarterbacks) to make decisions quicker than they (wanted) to. You've got three quarterbacks who haven't played much. You tie all of that together and the defense dominates the scrimmage.

Gundy on the quarterbacks: Not one of the three quarterbacks played any better than the other. One, because they played very average. Two, because the defense controlled the scrimmage. Nobody did anything to impress me. . . . Offensively, no rhythm.

Gundy on the quarterback competition through the first 10 practices: Am I discouraged? No. Do I wish we had played better on offense? Yes.

Does Gundy still want to name a quarterback after the spring: Ultimately, at the end of the spring, I would like to name a starting quarterback. There's an old saying: if you have three quarterbacks, that may mean that you really don't have one. I think there's some truth to that. Our quarterbacks need to train all summer and then 29 practices (during preseason camp). When it comes time to play, we'll have somebody ready.

Gundy on if Wes Lunt is doing better than he thought through 10 practices: Yes. He's doing fine. He made some plays out here today. What you have to remember is, he's supposed to be (a high school senior) – hanging out with some girl and going to baseball practice. He's out here trying to figure all of this out. He's pretty far along for a guy that's not been out here very long. He'll be better next week than he is now. I think the summer is huge for him – the development he gets and the three or four months in the weight room.

Gundy on other offensive personnel: The running backs ran well. There just really wasn't anywhere for them to go. Tracy Moore played well. Josh Stewart didn't touch the ball very much. (Torrance) Carr made a couple of catches. Blake Jackson realized he wasn't in junior college.

Gundy on the biggest play of the scrimmage: Sophomore Lyndell Johnson intercepted a J.W. Walsh bubble-screen pass and scored on a 93-yard return. Johnson was no more than 8 yards from Walsh, but – with his hands only – somehow collected the fastball pass and sprinted to the west end zone - "That looked like what you see in the NFL. . . When he took off running, no one was going to catch him."

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