Q&A with Daytawion Lowe

Oklahoma State safety Daytawion Lowe led the Cowboys with 97 tackles as a first-year starter in 2011 and has become a critical component to Bill Young's defense moving forward. Lowe met with the media after Wednesday's practice in Stillwater.

Just to start, talk a little about the secondary overall and the spring you guys are having.

"I think we've got a lot of talented guys who are really starting to get a lot better. I would say we are accomplishing a lot; I think everybody is in the right mindset and is out here every day to get better and it's showing. We have a lot of young guys who are stepping up and making plays so that been encouraging and I think we'll be pretty good."

Where have you seen the biggest improvement or most growth in the secondary or just with the safeties in general?

"I would have to say making plays. Just getting to the ball and getting it out. If they catch the ball and we tackle them that's just a tackle, but we're doing more than that. We're keeping good form and also trying to rip the ball out on every play and swarming to it."

There have been a lot of rave reviews of the defense overall through the spring. As an entire unit, how do you feel like you all are performing from top to bottom?

"I feel like we're doing great. I feel like we have a lot to accomplish but we're a lot further ahead that we were at this point last year. That's a fact. We lost some key guys but there is more experience throughout and it's showing up."

Is there anybody in particular who has really stuck out to you?

"Lyndell Johnson. He's a playmaker and that's what you have to do on this defense is make plays."

You're game overall, what have you been working on?

"Just trying to be a leader — a vocal leader. Just trying to get the guys to the point where they can count on me to lead them and feel like they can listen to me. I'm trying to lead by example."

With so few days in the spring to work, do you feel like you're making that progress?

"Oh yes. Even if we're not out here it doesn't mean I can't be a leader. I'm a leader in the meeting rooms; I've gotta be a leader everywhere."

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