Q&A with Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith adds a powerful element to Oklahoma State's two-headed beast at running back and is averaging 6.6 yards per carry the past two seasons. He rushed for 646 yards and nine scores on 7.1 per carry as a sophomore in 2011. Smith spoke about the offense with the media on Wednesday.

How have you tried to help these young quarterbacks along? Obviously, they're all competing for the same job but what do you say to encourage them?

"Basically it is about talking to them. If they mess up on a play just say something. Tracy (Moore) did it one time where he was like, ‘It's OK, just keep going!' And that's pretty much all we have to do because we've been here for a long time so we can help settle the quarterbacks."

Talk a little about your relationship with Joseph Randle. Coach refers to you all as 1A and 1B and basically if you're in that type of situation it could breed a bad sort of competition but it seems like you guys are good friends and a healthy competition. What is your relationship like with Joe?

"Off the field it's really good. We always hang out and do stupid stuff. But on the field it is (a little hostile), we probably won't say that to each other but if he makes a good play I'm just in my mind, gritting my teeth a little going, ‘Alright, I have to go in and do my thing now.' If I do it, he does the same thing. We compliment each other regardless but we're still competing."

Do you have any goals in mind for this coming season or have you thought that far ahead yet?

"Not yet. I only have my goals for the spring time right now."

Which are?

"Basically school stuff and just making sure I get better; keeping my pads low and just getting stronger and faster."

A lot of the talk around the offensive line has been pretty favorable this spring even after losing some guys. You operate behind them so what's your assessment?

"They're doing pretty good but like you said there are some young guys and they need to get mentally tough. Other than that they're really good. I'm not worried about anything with them; as long as they keep coming into practice each day to get better we'll be just fine."

How are Herschel Sims and Desmond Roland coming along behind you and Joe?

"Actually they've been doing a whole lot better and they're really competing. Herschel has been doing a whole lot better; Dez is doing really, really good. When you watch film you're like, ‘OK, I don't remember those moves last year.' It's been really nice."

Where have you been the most focused on or pinpointing for yourself individually speaking?

"Pretty much the same stuff as last year. I'm focused on making sure I'm catching the ball right, speed and toughness. They're pretty much the same but I'm just focused on doing them better and maybe I'll get to play a little bit more than the year before."

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