Spring Finale: Q&A with Joseph Randle

Junior running back Joseph Randle is obviously one of the Cowboys' biggest returning weapons on offense after rushing for 1,216 yards and getting 26 combined touchdowns in 2011. Randle had one reception for eight yards and eight carries for 30 yards in Saturday's spring finale in Stillwater. He spoke to the media afterward.

Where you at all surprised by the huge day from Charlie Moore?

"Not one bit. He's been doing that since the first day of camp. He has touchdowns in every practice so we were like, ‘OK!' I think he's going to be great for us."

Obviously you've worked with all of these quarterbacks this spring. What did you see out of them today?

"I've seen tremendous improvement in them since the first day of camp. We'll just have to wait and see what the decision is going to be from the coaches."

The defense looked good today. What did this scrimmage say about those guys?

"Our defense is ready. Our defense is ready; obviously you couldn't see it today, actually they did great today. You'll all see during the season."

Today was a great opportunity for people to see this team but is it inappropriate to make any judgements just by what was shown today in your opinion?

"This is a time of year that's just about hype and all that. We'll see what everybody's about early in the season."

What is the spring game like for you all?

"It's a lot of fun for the fans and it is fun for us to come out here in full uniforms and play against each other because we've been going hard against each other and this is a different type of atmosphere."

So this is like the reward for you guys almost for the work you guys have put in the past month?

"Something like that because we've been going hard against each other all spring and this is a nice change of pace."

It's no secret that Quinn Sharp has been a huge weapon for you guys in so many different ways and he showed off his skills again today along with receiving that reward at halftime. Can you just talk about the faith you all have in him and the luxury of having a guy like that?

"It's always relaxing when you know somebody is going to do their job and you don't ever have to worry about him. We never have to worry about him missing field goals or anything like that and, if he does, it's very rare so we don't have to bother him or get on him or anything. Quinn always gets the job done and we certainly appreciate that. We know we're lucky to have him."

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