Spring Finale: Q&A with Evan Epstein

OSU senior center Evan Epstein, a transfer from the Air Force Academy, has seen action in eight games during his two years with the Cowboys and got the nod with the first-team offense during the spring finale on Saturday. Afterward Epstein took the time to meet with the media to discuss the scrimmage and the OSU offense.

How did the spring finale go in your opinion?

"We had fun out there. Coach has talked to us about how he wants to make it fun and I think we did today. We got to stretch our legs as an offense a little bit with the first-team offense all being together. We still got to rotate with the quarterbacks, which is good for them, and it was good for us to get a feel for all of them. As an offense, I couldn't be any prouder. I thought we went down and moved the ball well. We still had some hiccups as far as our assignments and things but that gets worked out with time. I'm really proud to be on this offense right now."

What's your assessment of the quarterbacks so far?

"Every one of them has worked their tail off this spring and I couldn't be more proud of any of them. Especially Wes (Lunt), to come in here as a true freshman and be in the race. J.W. Walsh has been doing a lot with his work with us and Clint Chelf has taken on a leadership role. Hats off to every single one of those guys; they've done a great job this spring."

How do you feel this quarterback derby is going to end?

"(Laughs) I don't know. Whoever they put behind me, I'm going to snap it to him and I'm going to trust him. I have to deal with (coach Wickline) so I'm going to do my assignment and hopefully he'll make it happen. I'm not going to worry about it."

A lot of people were probably pretty surprised by Charlie Moore and what he was able to do today. Where you at all surprised by just how productive he was?

"Honestly, no. We've seen him work his tail off in the offseason and he's a great receiver. Everything he's gotten he's earned from his hard work. I'm not surprised at all and I think he'll be great this season."

So he's been like this a lot in practice?

"He does it all the time. He's fast and he's got all the talent and skill; now it's his year to step up into a big role for our offense."

How would you assess the performance of the offensive line now heading into the summer?

"Honestly I think we've done great. There are things we need to work on but as a whole I think we've done great and picked up most of our blocks. We mesh really well together and it's a pleasure to block with those guys."

You mentioned missing some blocks and things of that nature. How hard is it on you guys as an o-line when the quarterback keeps getting switched behind you?

"It's difficult from the standpoint of being consistent in a drive sometimes. Each quarterback has his own playing style. As an offensive line you don't always feel that too much but you kinda know it's happening. We've been doing it all spring so it's nothing different for us. Honestly, the weird thing is going to be just having one once the coaches make the decision."

So this platoon idea, if they go with three you guys are set?

"We'll be the first team to successfully run a three-quarterback system because we've been doing it forever it seems like."

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