Still Waiting On The QB Depth Chart

ESPN shot enough film last August for one heckuva one-hour documentary with "Year of the Quarterback: Depth Chart." Today, as Mike Gundy and Todd Monken were meeting to decide on the quarterback depth chart, the ESPN Direct TV Mobile Studio bus was parked outside the West End Zone. ESPN analyst Andre Ware made a bold prediction that Chris Chelf would be the starting quarterback in September.

Unless there is a new Chelf on campus, then I'm going to believe that Ware, who may be as off on his prediction of the starter as he was on Chelf's name, was lacking a little on his homework and that he meant to say Clint.

Not that Chelf couldn't be named the starter, after all Monken called him the "most steady" of the three in the spring. He is the one quarterback that allows Monken to call any play in the offensive arsenal, and Monken knows he can get it run.

Meanwhile, J.W. Walsh has forged ahead in the leadership role at quarterback and is recognized as the best runner of the three quarterbacks.

Andre Ware called incoming freshman "Mike Lunt." Ware will need to learn it is Wes Lunt because the newest quarterback showed the best ability to move the offense down the field in the throwing game. Monken called him an accurate thrower that is a candidate to win the job.

Don't be alarmed or surprised that Gundy did not release a depth chart at quarterback on Wednesday. Several things need to happen before Cowboy fans get a look at how the three quarterbacks will be listed going into August and fall camp.

Gundy had an opinion but also wanted to hear Monken's thoughts. If they were in sync then you probably would have heard some news Wednesday. If not, then the two coaches were going to review and discuss.

Once they come to a conclusion, the three young men need to be brought in and the situation needs to be completely presented to them. Honesty with your players is the only way to go, and Gundy is all about accountability and trust. He expects it with his players and he therefore needs to make sure he gives it right back. That is the right way to do things.

After all of that is accomplished then the emails will roll and that will be followed by the blogs, posts, and tweets. Oklahoma State's starting quarterback is big news, whether it is ingrained in stone or on the board for the summer.

My opinion is that the three quarterbacks will be told this is like a projection. The starter will be the guy for now, but come fall camp the coaching staff won't have their heads in the grass on the practice field. Their eyes will be open, and if somebody has a case to state it will be reviewed quickly, and then any adjustment could be made if neccessary.

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