End Of An Era: Weeden Goes To Browns

It is so amazing that a guy that at one time didn't look like he would ever put a football helmet on again has had such a dynamic impact on Oklahoma State. Brandon Weeden is special and it was amazing to be at his parents house with so many other Weedens and their friends for the NFL Draft on Thursday night.

When Jacksonville traded up with Tampa Bay for the fifth selection, Weeden knew the Jaguars were going to pick Justin Blackmon. He immediately got excited and started doing interviews about what a great player, teammate and person Blackmon is, and what a great deal it was for the Jaguars to get him. Weeden was truly happy for his buddy and number one target.

The gathering was festive and as the draft wore on that never wavered. When Brandon's agent signaled to him to grab the phone, the action heated up. It was the 20th pick and New England after a trade was about to be on the clock with the 21st selection.

But on the telephone was Cleveland Browns general manager Tom Heckert telling Weeden he was going to be their pick with the 22nd selection. The whole place erupted.

I was doing an interview for radio along with the other media that were there. I had already shared a tear with Brandon's parents, Robbie and Shari, as their son has been almost as special to me as my own. His parents and wife, Melanie, have done a great job of keeping him grounded.

I asked Brandon about outdoing his baseball draft and being selected by one of the most storied franchises in the NFL in the Cleveland Browns. Brandon started the answer, "I am so blessed ..." The the 6-4 quarterback that rifles passes with the best of them backed up and shed a few tears.

He has come so far, and thankfully he has taken us all along on the ride. I wish we could all go to Cleveland, but that is a ride for Brandon and Melanie to take with a new chapter in their lives. It will be exciting.

Part of that ride next season will be a game in Dallas with the Cowboys on Nov. 18 at 1 p.m. Count me in. I'll take that trip and root for the Cleveland Browns because as we all know orange is our favorite color.

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