Webster Picking Up Offers

The demand is increasing for places for coaches to hang out and eat good barbecue in Atlanta, Texas. Actually, local cuisine is fine, but the number of college coaches passing through continues to climb and that is bound to happen when you have a running back like Corion Webster. Webster has offers from Oklahoma State, Arizona State, Arkansas State, Memphis, TCU, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech.

"Hey, and Arkansas too, Arkansas has offered," pointed out Webster when we were asking us to update the list.

Last season Webster rushed the ball 220 times for an eye-popping 1,865 yards and 24 touchdowns. He averaged 8.5 yards per carry.

That is why coaches like Oklahoma State's Jemal Singleton have put Atlanta on their list of towns to visit during the May evaluation period. As for Webster, he is not real close at making any recruiting decisions including paring down his list, which is much more likely to grow.

"I don't know yet," said Webster when asked about what he is looking for in a school. "I'm still trying to figure it out. I'm going to try to get to some schools this summer. I'm going to hit some camps and work out and get ready for next season. I'm really still trying to think through all of this."

On video, Webster is a back who burst through the line of scrimmage and unless someone is there directly to slow him down he is a real handfull to catch up with. He is 5-11 1/2 and weigh 190 pounds and has a real burst of speed. He doesn't dance around a lot but he has moves when he needs them.

A real bonus for a school like an Oklahoma State or Arkansas or Tech is that he catches the ball so well out of the backfield and those offenses uses their backs to do that a lot.

Webster said his school is going through some drills right now but it is not a real spring football practice. With school nearly out, he said he has seen a lot of coaches come through, and they are leaving him with plenty to think about over the summer.

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