Rami Hammad: Wickline Won Me Over

Rami Hammad was already on his way back to Irving, Texas after committing to Oklahoma State on Friday afternoon when he telephoned to tell us what made him decide OSU was the best place for him to pay his college football.

"I've been so blessed to be recruited by some really good schools, and it is a tough decision coming down to Oklahoma State and Baylor," said Hammad.

"Coach (Randy) Clements (at Baylor) is a really good coach, but Coach (Joe) Wickline has really won me over. I've done a lot of research and Coach Wickline has put so many guys at the next level. He's been there eight years and he is not going anywhere.

"I know he can coach me and make me a better player. That is why I am going there because I know that Coach Wick and the staff will make me better. They were Big 12 champs last season and the best in the league and they don't have to build. They are already up there. They have one of my friends that just committed in Zach Crabtree, and I can see the two of us playing on the same line together in the future," Hammad added.

Hammad is a strong blocker with good hands, and he has the ability to lock up with defensive linemen and stay locked up. He rarely loses a defender that he gets into. He has good feet and moves really well. He is also a player that once he gets his initial block does a good job of getting downfield and after another target. Some of that has to be tied to strength, which is a big thing with the Irving Tiger.

"Oklahoma State has the best facilities, the best weight room," said Hammad. "I've never seen anything like it, and I'm going to be spending a lot of my time there. So why shouldn't I want to go somewhere that they have the nicest weight room?"

The weight room and Wickline weren't the only aspects of Oklahoma State that he really praised. Haamd also likes the head coach.

"Coach (Mike) Gundy is really a good guy," said Hammad. "I like him a lot and I can see where he will be a good head coach to have, a fun coach to play for. He talks a lot about doing the right things and becoming better on and off the field, and getting your degree. You can tell he is a coach that players like."

There was nothing that didn't really suit Hammad. He said he got a taste of Eskimo Joe's and looks forward to being back in Stillwater. He also likes that he is close to completing the 2013 offensive line class.

"Coach Wickline told me that now he has me that there is one more he needs to get to finish," said Hammad.

He is the third offensive line commitment, joining Jack Kurzu and Crabtree. We thought that Oklahoma State would go after four offensive linemen but we could also see the Cowboys ending up with five in the class.

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