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It's summer and Oklahoma State football fans really want things to happen, but in the summer not that much happens. If it's recruiting, it's okay, but anything outside recruiting is quite often not good news. The fact is, no news is good news is really good in the summer. But we've compiled a few notes to keep you from going crazy.

No Stadiums Last Friday
By far the toughest workout of the week during offseason and summer conditioning is early Friday morning when the players meet for the 6 a.m. stadium steps inside Boone Pickens Stadium. However, the first stadiums of the summer were switched after Thursday night's overnight storms left the stadium steps too wet and slick to safely navigate.

Associate athletic director for strength and conditioning Rob Glass always has a back-up plan and the team instead enjoyed a series of 300-yard runs. I would say sprints but for some they were long sprints and for others they were more runs. Whatever you want to call them, they were stout enough to open up the lungs.

The Friday morning workouts are immediately followed by lifting sessions so that players can leave town after Friday classes and go home for the weekend if they choose. Stadiums will be on tap for the rest of the Fridays, and players will go to bed on Thursdays doing a "rain dance" in their dreams.

Newcomers and Veterans Merge
After several days of conditioning workouts that were separate, the newcomers and the veterans are starting to do their workouts together, both in the weight room and on the field for conditioning.

The early separation is for the strength and conditioning staff to get a good read on where the newcomers are compared to the veterans. It does not matter how hard an incoming player has worked in high school, in junior college or on their own, they cannot match the work the veterans have done under the supervision of the Oklahoma State strenght and conditioning staff. Glass and his assistants are able to get a read on where the newcomers are and get them in productive lifting groups and workout groups.

The first mergers involves the Monday and Thursday late afternoon metabolic workouts. There are the player-run football workouts that will be expanded later to Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays.

The first newcomer to really stand out from what we've heard was Parkway Central (Mo.) wide receiver Brandon Sheperd, who made a sensational one-handed grab on a deep ball down the middle of the field thrown by J.W. Walsh in the Thursday workout.

All three of the quarterbacks were throwing the ball well. The workouts have reportedly been going smooth under the guidance of the quarterbacks, including freshman Wes Lunt, and the veterans across the board on defense.

Time for Grand Lake Gathering
There has been little time for the coaching staff to catch their breath since the end of spring practice. The staff immediately hit the road for spring recruiting evaluations. After that was concluded it was off to Texas to work five camps in three days as visiting coaches.

Last week, the Cowboys staff conducted their own camps on campus with record numbers including the 300 that attended the three-day high school camp.

This week, beginning Tuesday and running through Thursday, the staff will head to Grand Lake for a working retreat. Lucky Larry Reece gets to go with the staff and sponsoring supporters. It is truly a fun gathering with less work and more golf and fishing. Following that event the staff will rotate vacation and office days through the next four weeks.

Randle Jumping Up as Leader
One veteran player that has been an effective leader on and off the field and in and out of the weight room is running back Joseph Randle.

Don't think that Randle has become cocky or overconfident because he is the coverboy for Oklahoma State on the summer college football preview magazines. You should see this guy put in the work. He is exactly the kind of guy you want in the middle of your football team.

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