Newcomers Arrive For Summer School

The second semester of the summer began on Monday, although a break is coming up this week with the Fourth of July holiday. The Oklahoma State players went through their final metabolic (football skills) workout Monday night on the floor of Boone Pickens Stadium, and will go through another lifting session and conditioning practice Tuesday before getting a mid-summer break until next Monday.

The rest of the newcomers reported this weekend and went through testing during the evening before joining in with the squad for the 5:30 p.m. metabolic workout. Below are some notes and thoughts on what I saw this evening.

Newcomers Arrive
The final group of newcomers for the summer includes offensive tackle Greg Brantley of Carthage, Texas., offensive athlete Dominic Ramacher out of Denton Guyer, inside receiver Blake Webb out of The Woodlands, and walk-on wide receiver Elliot Faerber out of Shawnee Mission, Kansas.

The other members of the scholarship freshman class and newcomers either reported at the start of the spring semester or for the first semester of summer school.

Ramacher is not as thick as I thought he would be but he is very athletic. Blake Webb looks ready to go and jumped in with the offense to take his reps on the first night he was involved in metabolics. Brantley appears to need conditioning help to get ready for the upcoming fall camp, but that is the good thing as he will get that throughout the month of July.

Wes Lunt Is Progressing
You can see an obvious difference physically in freshman quarterback Wes Lunt. Lunt appears to have put on 10 pounds or more and is filled out and bigger than he was in the spring.

He also seemed very confident throughout the metabolic workout as he shared directing the offense with fellow quarterbacks Clint Chelf and J.W. Walsh. Lunt throws the ball really well and seems to have worked on his consistency with where he delivers the ball on certain routes. His slant routes all go waist high. His out routes go up and to the outside shoulder of the receiver.

Lots of Receivers
Charlie Moore continues to look good, but there are a multitude of targets running routes. Josh Stewart looks really strong as he runs confident routes and catches the ball so well. Isaiah Anderson and Tracy Moore each look in good shape and are catching the ball well. Blake Jackson and Torrance Carr are progressing.

According to Moore, the newcomers are all pretty good, and I got a good indication of that watching four guys in particular that show up well. C.J. Curry and Brandon Sheperd each run good routes and each shows good hands.

Curry caught up to a deep route in drills and made a snag catch of the back half of the football. It was a pretty athletic play. Sheperd appears to do things very easily.

Jhajuan Seales is also a receiver that will wow the coaches some when camp starts as he has a nice burst and also makes catches. A receiver that will surprise and looks like he might earn playing time this fall is Austin Hays. The 6-2 product out of San Antonio has put on some weight since arriving, runs really well, and has good hands. The receiver class looks good.

No Pads; Tough to Judge Linemen
The new linemen, especially the defensive ends, pass the eye test, but you can't tell much about play in the trenches in summer drills. It is obvious that the groups on both sides of the ball are staying in good shape.

Offensive tackle Parker Graham complained about being listed at 295 pounds in the last issue of Go Pokes Magazine. He said he is 315 pounds now. The great thing is the 6-7 Graham is at 315, but he looks 295. There are no guts on the linemen which means Rob Glass is winning his professorial battle of the budge as the Cowboys master of strength and conditioning.

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