Media Day Notebook: Quotes From Gundy

The Oklahoma State Cowboys took their first step toward kicking off the 2012 season on Saturday with Fan Appreciation Day and Football Media Day. Check back here throughout the week for stories, Q&As and tidbits from the event.

First up, head coach Mike Gundy hits on key subjects about the upcoming season:

This defense might be Gundy's best: "Our defense is more athletic and faster than we've ever been here, which, in my opinion, should result in more plays and better production overall. I'm looking forward to the linebackers and the second level guys staying fresh and not having to play 65 to 70 plays a game so we can run sideline-to-sideline and make some plays. I think we've made some strides on our defensive line, and I'm looking forward to those guys getting out there."

Wes Lunt's already shown improvement: "I think he's matured. He's bigger, 20 pounds heavier, so that's going to give him an advantage in throwing the football. He's carrying himself a little bit different, but he still has a long ways to go. He's making progress. Certain throws in the last couple days that I noticed in a spring on a scale to 1 to 10 were about a five and now they're about a seven. So he's getting a feel for the speed and the difference between high school and college in getting the ball in quicker because the defensive guys are faster and also adjusting to the speed of our receivers."

Fan Appreciation Day was a success: "We had a great fan day, but the Oklahoma State people they're the same. People always talk about the 30,000 strong that have been here for years and years, which has now grown to about 50. They've always been awesome."

The Cowboys are prepared for Big 12 newcomers: "We know West Virginia's tendencies … they're running the same plays they've always run, so we're pretty familiar with them. But TCU is a team that we had to look into. We've seen them play on TV a lot … they really are doing the same thing on both sides of the ball that they've always done with their defense. And offensively, they do a lot of no huddle, option passes, things like that."

Tracy Moore has every reason to emerge as the No. 1 wide receiver this fall: "He's experienced, and I know I go back to this a lot, but he's played in big games and made big catches at home and on the road. He's a guy in crucial situations that's gonna a play for us."

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