Cowboys Football: Offense Has Solid Day

STILLWATER - The third day of fall camp allows teams to add shoulder pads. For Oklahoma State that signals a full go as head coach Mike Gundy has gone to the no-tackling to the ground and no cutting with blocking policy to protect his players from injury. The Cowboys were full go on Sunday with the expected inside drill, one-on-one work, pass pro, lots of seven-on-seven, and a longer team period.

There was a little bit of a break for the players as a cloud cover kept temperatures down from what they were the first two mornings.

The Extreme Campers, here for the first weekend to get a close-up look at the team in practice and meetings, attended their last practice and they were treated to some fun.

First, all the contact and then some spectacular plays like a Tracy Moore one-handed grab of a Wes Lunt pass, some really good plays on offense, and by the end of the team period a few forced turnovers by the defense. It was a good day all-around for Oklahoma State football and a good note to send the Extreme Campers on their way.

Offensive coordinator Todd Monken agreed that the offense had a solid day,

"It was the third day of install, so what you're really starting to see is our young guys, our skill guys, playing better," explained Monken. "They're starting to get it a little bit. They're making a few more plays, which is encouraging.

"All of our quarterbacks are playing well. When we have trouble is when our younger quarterbacks make mistakes and it just compounds. It's not out of talent, it's out of the process and then the mistakes."

A lot of eyes are on freshman quarterback Wes Lunt.

"He's done real well," said Monken. "There's been a setback of learning because we don't get to coach him in the summer. Every now and then he comes in and wants to watch film, but it's not the same as really dissecting it.

"He's sped back up, and he's back to where he was and the good news is that he still doesn't really know what he's doing. The good news is that he's doing great and he really still doesn't know what he's doing. With all of them, when they really grasp what we're doing, we're going to be pretty good."

Lunt led Rochester High School to back-to-back Illinois State championships as the quarterback his junior and senior seasons. He also threw 65 touchdown passes to just eight interceptions. If he can translate those type numbers to the college level that will spell success for him.

"His decision-making and his accuracy have been fine," added Monken. "He hasn't turned it over. The reality is where to go with the ball, what the defense is doing and where do I go with the ball and then throw it accurately. The accuracy part is going to be fine. It's just what are they doing and with our concepts, where do we go with the ball and where are their stress points and where do I go with it."

Another reason for Gundy's naming a starting quarterback back in the spring along with preventing a controversy and giving Lunt a chance to build confidence over the summer was to spark a strong response from J.W. Walsh and Clint Chelf. That seemed to work too.

"I think J.W. has played really good the first few days of camp, and I think he has improved," said Gundy. "I think he and Clint are both throwing the ball better than they did in the spring."

"When you get told something like we were told it hurts, but it also makes you work harder and drive for what you want to do," said Walsh. "It was a signal that there were some areas where I needed to improve. Coach Monken told me what those were and I started addressing them immediately."

"He's gotten a lot better. He's throwing it a lot better," said Monken of Walsh. "He's done this longer than Wes, but not a lot longer. He's a lot more comfortable. We haven't gotten to where we can see his athleticism, but he's doing just fine."

Gundy is excited now that his team gets into a routine. He told the Extreme Campers in a session after the practice that he likes it when his team hits this point. For the next couple of weeks they will be doing just about everything, practice, meet, eat, sleep on a regular schedule.

He also thanked the Extreme Campers for their support and what they mean to the program. It's a really good program that gives those fans a fun football-filled weekend and also provides a money source that helps with little extra needs in the football program.

As for that routine, the players got some time to take a nap on Sunday afternoon and then had a chapel with FCA director John Talley at 4:30p.m. before meetings at 5 p.m.

Practice on Monday, which is in shoulder pads and helmets again, begins at 8 a.m., and the same time on Tuesday for the first day in pads.

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