Littlehead Left To Try To Keep Spot On Team

No doubt, you have read the reports about Oklahoma State defensive tackle Christian Littlehead, and he is in a pickle. Littlehead is his own worst enemy as he seemingly puts himself in poor positions. You can't blame the media as they are just reporting the incidents and charges. Honestly, I think the 6-2, 310-pound Littlehead is a good kid, but has some judgment issues.

He has had two previous run-ins with authorities. He was charged with msidemeanor possession of drug paraphanalia last December when campus police found two pipes in his dorm apartment. He pleaded and was sentenced to six months probation which ends on Aug. 27.

He was also not allowed by head coach Mike Gundy to play in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl win over Stanford. In May he was charged with public intoxication at a Tahlequah apartment complex.

Now this.

Charges on the arrest warrant from Cherokee County, which went out Wednesday, state he (Littlehead) was at a birthday party in early March when he had a physical confrontation with a woman.

The woman told police that when she accused Littlehead of cheating at beer pong, he hit her once in the face, causing her to fall and scrape her hand and knees, according to the affidavit. Others stepped in to separate them and Littlehead left the party. All of that is in the affadavit.

The charge is misdemeanor assault and battery. The charge to me is suspect and curious.

First, why were the charges just now filed as football season is about to begin? This issue has come up before. Before I would buy into this completely, I think I would like to see the woman making the accusation and the police officer or county sheriff or deputy that is filing the charge and following up on it.

Meanwhile, Littlehead is left to convince Gundy that this situation should not be his third strike.

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