Todd Monken Pleased With Lunt, Offense

Todd Monken shares his observations with the media following Oklahoma State's 115-play scrimmage on Saturday night. Here is what the Cowboys' second-year offensive coordinator had to say prior to watching film from the team's first scrimmage of fall practice.

The play of freshman quarterback Wes Lunt: "His knowledge has grown of everything. It's an easy system in a lot of ways because we run simple things. But the reality is that everything falls on him – to get us lined up, to get us communicating, to understand what the defense is doing, so the improvement is just the process and the understanding of how we operate. That's the biggest thing, because he's going to throw it accurately. He's going to have pocket presence. It's just does he really understand getting everyone lined up and when we want to go fast, go fast, where we want our players to be, getting an idea of how I call it. Those things will keep coming and growing. He's really only about halfway there."

Overall thought about the scrimmage: "I don't really know. I just know that we're trying to run plays. We're trying to run as many good plays in a row as we can. We'll see from there. I don't really know. Sometimes, matchups go in your favor if the defense puts some freshmen out there. For some guys, that's going to be hard on them. For our veteran guys. We're just trying to put plays together. Did all 11 do it right? If we do that, we'll win a bunch of games. If everybody's doing the right stuff over and over and over and over, we've got enough talent. It's when you screw things up that you end up looking like a backyard football team and we won't be that." Comparing this group of receivers to last season: "We're not as deep, but that being said, Charlie Moore is better than he was, Isaiah Anderson is better than he was last year, Tracy Moore is better than he was last year. We're not as deep, but the three guys that have returned – Josh Stewart, he's better than he was last year – so, the reality is that yes, we don't have Justin Blackmon or Josh Cooper, but the guys that are back are a lot better than they were last year, which you expect. You expect players to get better just by being here if they're committed and work hard and compete. That's what I've always said."

Which freshmen are likely to play this year: "The way we're are, I think they all could play. When you look out there, we really only have four guys back from last year. You've got Josh Stewart, you've got Tracy Moore, you've got Charlie Moore, who really didn't play and Isaiah Anderson. Then you've got Blake Jackson who just showed up and five of the freshmen. I don't know yet who those guys will be – and two of those guys are going to leave in a year with Tracy Moore and Isaiah Anderson – so, heck, we might just play them all and say ‘hey, we'll need them next year, so let's go play them.' We'll figure it out four years from now when they have an extra year. Same with our running backs and I don't know up front. That's a little bit tougher assignment. Wes is playing and let's go. Early on, we'll get them going a little bit, get them playing a little bit and see where we're at."

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