Bill Young Says Defense Needs To Improve

Oklahoma State defensive coordinator Bill Young says the Cowboys defense needs to improve after watching them Saturday night in the first scrimmage of fall practice. Here are some of his thoughts while visiting with the media on Saturday night following the scrimmage.

His thoughts on the play of freshman quarterback Wes Lunt and the offense going against the defense: "I thought he played extremely well. I thought the receivers made some really good over-the-shoulder catches ... good catches. The offensive line is protecting and it just shows you what we have to do as a defense. We've got to get a better pass rush, we lost containment several times today, we've got to get our hands up and make him elevate the ball and we've got to play better coverage. We're a long, long way from a finished product."

Which area of the defense does he feel good about: "That's difficult to say right now because we just put in our speed package two days ago and that's our third-down package. We looked rusty and we should because we just put it in. We've got to work it in now."

How is defensive tackle Calvin Barnett playing: "He's playing pretty well. He's still struggling sometimes with assignments, but he's very physically talented and we're awfully glad to have him as part of the team."

On finishing the scrimmage with a flurry of turnovers: "We got three turnovers and our goal is to get three turnovers in a game, but that was for both teams – we were playing defense for both sides, so we should have had six turnovers. We're not real excited with what we got. We've got to keep working on it. We got some, but we've got to get more."

The defense forcing turnovers as a habit: "It's a point of emphasis, and gosh, we better emphasize it because it's going to be a difference for our football team. We've got to help our offense and shorten the field position. We did a little bit of that last year and we need to do more this year."

The improvement of defensive end Ryan Robinson:"He knows what he's doing. Against Tulsa last year, he had several mental mistakes and they had big plays off them. Now he's got it down and he knows what he's doing. So much of being a good football player is being in the right spot at the right time and knowing where your help is and all those issues. It allows you to play so much faster and that's what he's doing."

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