Cowboys Start Season No. 19 In AP Poll

Oklahoma State matched its ranking in the coaches poll as the Cowboys are starting at No. 19 in both the preseason Associated Press and USA Today College Football Top 25 lists. The Associated Press poll was released on Saturday morning.

There is always that argument over which poll is more virtuous as the media will tell you that coaches have too many conflicts of interest to conduct a fair poll. The coaches will tell you the media is not informed enough to recognize a top-25 team or how truly good or bad a team is.

The truth is both polls are convoluted and conflicted. Many media types suffer from the same conflicts of interest or bias than coaches. Coaches are so single-minded and focused on what is in front of them that they often have little knowledge of teams outside their conference and especially outside their region.

USA Today recently released the ballot of USC head coach Lane Kiffin when he was quoted as saying he would not vote for his team on top and his released ballot showed that he certainly did. Kiffin has resigned from the board of voters for the poll.

Otherwise, coaches votes are kept secret until the final poll which helps determine the BCSsStandings and sets the national championship game and BCS bowl match ups.

The A.P. poll releases all of its voters ballots. Let me preface this by saying I would seriously struggle with being an objective voter. OK, that said here are some of the votes from various voters on the poll. Tom Murphy of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazzette appears to have voted Oklahoma State the highest at 14th.

Some voters left Oklahoma State off their ballot including Robert Cessna of The Bryan (Texas) Eagle. To his credit, Cessna did not put Texas A&M, the school he covers, in that vote.

Big 12 Region Voters

Kirk Bohls, Austin American-Statesman: 1. USC, 2. Alabama, 3, Arkansas, 7. West Virginia, 10. Oklahoma, 12. Kansas State, 13. TCU, 18. Texas, 23. Baylor, 24. Oklahoma State

Jimmy Burch, Fort Worth Star-Telegram: 1. USC, 2. LSU, 3. Florida State, 5. Oklahoma, 9. West Virginia, 13. Texas, 18, Kansas State, 22. TCU, 25. Oklahoma State.

Austin Meek, Topeka Capitol-Journal: 1. USC, 2. LSU, 3. Alabama, 7. Oklahoma, 9. West Virginia, 13. Kansas State, 14. Texas, 21. TCU, 23. Oklahoma State.

John Shinn, Norman (Okla.) Transcript: 1. USC, 2. Alabama, 3. LSU, 5. Oklahoma, 13. West Virginia, 17, Kansas State, 18. TCU, 19. Texas, 22. Oklahoma State

Mitch Vingle, Charleston (WV) Gazette: 1. USC, 2. Alabama, 3. Oregon, 5. Oklahoma, 10. Texas, 11. West Virginia, 17. Oklahoma State, 21. TCU, 23. Kansas State.

John Werner, Waco Herald-Tribune: 1. Alabama, 2. USC, 3. Oklahoma, 10. West Virginia, 15. Oklahoma State, 18. Kansas State, 19. Texas, 22. TCU, 24. Baylor.

National and Other Interested Media Votes

Charles Davis, Fox Sports: 1. USC, 2. LSU, 3. Alabama, 6. Oklahoma, 11. West Virginia, 14. TCU, 17. Oklahoma State, 18. Texas, 23. Kansas State.

Chris Fowler, ESPN: 1. LSU, 2. Alabama, 3. USC, 6. Oklahoma, 11. West Virginia, 14. Texas, 18. TCU, 19. Oklahoma State.

Tom Murphy, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: 1. LSU, 2. Alabama, 3. USC, 5. Arkansas, 7. Oklahoma, 8,. West Virginia, 14. Oklahoma State, 20. Kansas State, 21. Texas.

Andy Staples, Sports Illustrated: 1. Alabama, 2. LSU, 3. USC, 8. West Virginia, 9. Oklahoma, 15. Kansas State, 17. TCU, 21. Texas, 24. Oklahoma State.

Adam Zucker, CBS Sports: 1. Alabama, 2. LSU, 3. USC, 4. Oklahoma, 9. West Virginia, 16. Texas, 18. Oklahoma State, 20. Kansas State, 22. TCU.

Had I been asked to vote, here is the way I would have voted:
1. Alabama
2. LSU
3. Oregon
4. West Virginia
5. USC
6. Oklahoma
7. Florida State
8. South Carolina
9. Georgia
10. Kansas State
11. Wisconsin
12. Michigan State
13. Oklahoma State
14. Arkansas
15. Michigan
16. Virginia Tech
17. Clemson
18. Baylor
19. Ohio State
20. Texas
21. Florida
22. Nebraska
23. Mississippi State
24. Utah
25. TCU

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