Key Points: Gundy Previews The Opener

There's not much left to discuss. With just over one week left until the Oklahoma State Cowboys kick off against Savannah State, head coach Mike Gundy addressed the media Thursday inside Boone Pickens Stadium.

Here are the highlights from Gundy's press conference:

This isn't Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon's team anymore: "They have to create their own identity, this team, because of the departure of some key players. They're getting closer every day – the way they practice, the way they compete against each other, but also take care of each other, has been good. As we progress for the next month, two months, that chemistry will be very important."

Wes Lunt needs to prove himself on the field: "I think he has to do what he's capable of. He's not a very outgoing teammate; he seems to be very level headed and low key. And he has to develop that leadership through respect. He has to handle those situations and work hard. I think he's done as good as he can do up to this point."

Gundy is extremely high on his freshman: "I think this is the best class that we've had in what would be eight years now from top to bottom for a variety of reasons – with the wide receivers being included."

Expectations for game one are simple: "Early in the year, you want to be more crisp than what people think you should be. One thing that I look for is how crisp are we in all three phases, especially on offense where we have a new quarterback. We'll really find out how far we've come over the last nine months."

Gundy is pumped about the game day atmosphere in Stillwater: "There's more excitement here than there ever has been in college football – I should say football at Oklahoma State. We continue to sell tickets. And I believe we've sold all of our suites, so that allows us to have 30-35 thousand people tailgate here on a Saturday, which creates a lot of excitement and is good for our university."

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