Anderson, Moore Take Advantage Of Chances

Most fans want to talk with Oklahoma State's Todd Monken about new freshman quarterback Wes Lunt. There is importance placed on how the 6-4, 220-pound Lunt is progressing but with Justin Blackmon and Josh Cooper gone, it is also critical that the receiver position develops as well. Monken, as only Monken can, explained that has happened with guys like Charlie Moore and Isaiah Anderson.

"He just got better, he got more natural at dropping his weight," explained the Cowboys offensive coordinator on Moore. "You start to realize that if a guy wants to do it and he has a certain measurable skill set, you realize that everybody is going to develop at a different pace.

"I've seen guys that didn't turn out that way, and that is a credit to him and to Coach (Kasey) Dunn. I've seen guys go the other way that really didn't like football and they go on and leave. Charlie, obviously, likes football a lot more than I thought, and he has worked very, very hard to become a good football player."

Told that he should see Charlie Moore catch a Frisbee, Monken has a response.

"If it ever gets down to a 13th game and we're playing Frisbee then I know who to go to," said Monken saracstically. "Now I know some of what he has been doing. I'm glad you told me that after he became a good player because before I would have thought, ok that is where he has been spending his time."

As for Isaiah Anderson, Monken also has seen great development.

"Isaiah was just a fast little dude that ran scared and never caught the ball," said Monken. "That's what he did and now he is unbelievably catching it. The other day he made an incredible grab where he dove for it and his helmet popped off and he came up with it.

"He is leading the younger guys and it is unbelievable. It is all to do with them and Coach Dunn. I promise you I did everything in my power to think that they couldn't play. That just goes to show you that I have to be better in realizing that guys are going to develop. It happens at different stages for different guys. Justin Blackmon red-shirted, enough said."

Monken emphasized that coaches and players want it now, but sometimes you have to be patient and wait. Somebody has been patient with these receivers and none of them rushed off and transfered because they didn't play right away.

In today's college football it takes two to tango. In the cases of Charlie Moore and Isaiah Anderson, patience has paid off.

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