Cowboys anxious to suit up for opener

It happens every summer at every level of competitive football. Teammates start turning on each other. But can you blame them? Imagine hitting the same guy in practice every day for months, it would get old – quick.

So when Oklahoma State kicks off against Savannah State on Saturday, it will relieve boiling pressure built up from long summer days on the practice field, familiar competition and teammate scuffles. Just ask Cowboy running back Jeremy Smith.

"There was actually one day when I think Joe (Randle) got into it, I got into it, and Kye (Staley) got into it with somebody," Smith said. "I don't know; that whole day was just crazy. Anything can happen."

Fights aren't personal. They're just part of the football culture that leads to the season opener.

"It happens at every level," Smith said. "I think it's so much male testosterone running around. I don't think it's pressure because this is what we do."

This will be offensive lineman Jonathan Rush's sixth home opener for the Cowboys, his third starting the game. He's witnessed more scuffles and two-a-days than anyone else on the roster.

"Team wise, it kind of feels the same, ever since I was a little kid," Rush said. "The weather starts changing, but it's still hot. Then you go out there and play. But personally this season, it is different because I feel like I do need to take more of a leadership role. I've been here the longest."

For Rush and Smith, the anxiety leading up to game day is mutual. But after a long summer, the opener is less than 48 hours away.

"I'm ready," Smith said. "We're out there in practice, out there shouting, ‘Come on! Come on!' We're just so ready."

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