Key Points: Gundy previews Arizona Game

Oklahoma State plays at Arizona at 9:30 pm Saturday. At his Monday press conference, Mike Gundy opened up about the Cowboys' first road game. Here's a look at the highlights.

Wes Lunt hasn't mastered the offense, yet: "We moved very fast, but one thing I did mention on the radio shows this morning was our offense was never challenged. We'll get a better feel, not just this week, but the next three of four weeks of where we're at, and how (Lunt) handles the speed and the tempo of our offense."

Lunt won't start slow on Saturday to get acclimated in a new stadium: "We don't have that luxury, most of what we do is based on the defense. They could play it one way or the other, so we've given him our offense. Between how he handles it on the field and the plays that Todd (Monken) calls, we just have to take what they give us."

The Cowboys are no stranger to late-night road games: "I think the players have adjusted to it because we've played in so many night games now. I know it's hard on the coaches. I know it's hard on me. I think it's more of an adjustment to the coaches than the players. They can handle those time changes better than we can as adults."

Tracy Moore will play on Saturday. How much? We'll wait and see: "Tracy is back with us, I don't know about starting. There's not any discipline involved in whether he starts or rotates … He'll be with us practicing. Now, offensively our staff will have to make a decision on whether they want him to be out there the first play or later based on what we're trying to accomplish."

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