From the Coordinator: Glenn Spencer

In his second week of serving as the Oklahoma State defensive coordinator, Glenn Spencer is very excited. Spencer is a competitor that loves the competition of calling defenses against a top-flight opponent like a Rich Rodriguez, who invented his strain of spread offense.

That excitement is tempered by the fact that the same coach that recommended Spencer be promoted to co-coordinator and a coach that worked with him through terrible tragedy last season with the loss of Spencer's wife, Angela, defensive coordinator Bill Young is laid up at home following a medical procedure last week.

"He is just tremendous and I talk to him every day," said Spencer. "The first thing I tell him is how much I miss him. How you doing and how you feeling? He is doing great. He is involved, but he has to stay away from it.

"I will talk to him every day this week and bounce things off of him. He is great and he has made the transition smooth and as well as it could be. Yes we miss, we miss his leadership out on the field and can't wait until next week (when Young is expected to return). Still, it is our job to get it done just as if he were here," said Spencer.

This week Spencer goes against the Rodriguez spread featuring plenty of zone read option and also plenty of passing. Rich Rod has added a new element to his offense too, one Spencer and company know well from their practices in Stillwater. Arizona has gone no-huddle too.

"The communication on my end from the box to the field is going to have to be a lot faster than it was last Saturday," added Spencer.

"Scott is an operator and has a great arm," said Spencer of Arizona quarterback Matt Scott. "You saw how explosive they were the other night. They had 624 (yards) but they probably had 800 with the ones that came back.

"With him, he is always looking and if you give him a chance to pull it, he'll pull it. The guy has an unbelievable heart. There was a play the other night after he carried out his read fake, he sprinted 50 or 60 yards and got the finish off block on the DB for the score. I told my staff that guy is a competitor, and it is unbelievable what he did. I just have to show that one play to our kids and they will know what he is all about."

Spencer's message: that kind of effort must be met with equal or, hopefully, greater effort.

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