One-on-One with Isaiah Anderson

Wes Lunt has determined his favorite wide receiver. Well, that's if you jump to conclusions after Oklahoma State's true freshman quarterback only threw a handful passes in the first game of his college career against Savannah State last Saturday. Of his 11 passes, all of which he completed, four were directed to one wide receiver – Isaiah Anderson.

Anderson, a senior wideout that's spending his first season at Oklahoma State atop the depth chart, caught the first pass of the Lunt era on Saturday with a 7-yard slant. He added three more receptions from Lunt to total 63 yards before being taken out with the rest of the starters in the first quarter.

Anderson sat down to discuss the game, Lunt's progression and the Cowboys' game against Arizona on Saturday with Go Pokes:

In your football career, was this 84-0 win the most lopsided victory you've been a part of?

Anderson: It has been. It's also the quickest I've ever been pulled out a game. I wasn't expected either of those going in, but since it happened, I guess we'll take what we can from it and move on to next week … I kinda wanted to catch a few, maybe get a touchdown in that first game in front of all the fans, but my time will come.

What do you take away from that victory?

Anderson: You just take away what you can from it. There's always going to be things you have to fix, week to week. We have to do our best to nit-pick those things out on the film and move on to the Arizona game.

What did you think of Lunt's performance Saturday?

Anderson: He was actually pretty calm. I went up to him before the game, shook his hand and said, ‘Do the best you can. Do your thing.' He said he was with me all the way. He made me a believer, and I think he made a lot of fans believers … He seems like he's done a good job from our standpoint. He only threw 11 passes, but we're going to be expecting a lot more from him this coming week. I feel like he'll stay composed, even though we are on the road in front of a big crowd. He'll have a good performance.

You've played Arizona three times in the past two years; does that help the team entering the game?

Anderson: It's still a new team, new season kind of deal. To actually go down there and play them, at their house finally, is going to be a challenge for us. But I feel like we'll step up and be just fine.

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