Gundy says penalties, turnovers doomed OSU

Mike Gundy tried to get some sleep Saturday night. Key word: tried. The Oklahoma State football team arrived in Stillwater at 5:30 a.m. Sunday morning following its 59-38 loss against Arizona in Tucson. Mix a disastrous performance by the Cowboys with a two-hour time difference, and the OSU head coach was hard pressed to sneak in a few hours of rest.

Nightmares of 15 penalties for 157 yards, seven drops and six Wildcat touchdowns can keep a man up at night.

"I tried (to go to sleep), I went home at about six," Gundy said. "I tried, but unsuccessful."

Who can benefit from watching film this week? Gundy first pointed to the offensive line (too many holding calls), the secondary (too many missed assignments) and then the wide receivers (an estimated seven drops).

"Really what got us in this game was a combination of penalties and turnovers," Gundy said. "Which fueled fan excitement, momentum, enthusiasm, on the road; that's what started everything."

There's no clear-cut way to stop penalties from occurring. Gundy said it's a matter of addressing the problem and fixing the problems where they develop.

"Coaches have to be more cognitive of penalties that happen in practice and stop it," he said

Another key component in the Cowboys' improvement is completely mental. OSU hasn't allowed 50+ points since Nov. 8, 2008 against Texas Tech (56).

"They're down because they're not used to losing," Gundy said. "But they have to get over that. I wouldn't want them to be any other way. I want them to feel responsible and accountable for what happened. And then I want them to come back and be hungry tonight and Tuesday in practice."

Despite the loss, Gundy said there was no finger pointing in the postgame locker room, the team battled and there were some positives. It's time to game plan for Louisiana this Saturday.

"I think Wes (Lunt) handled playing on the road pretty well," Gundy said. "Tracy Moore made some big plays for us. I thought Joe (Randle) but the ball on the ground one time, but for the most part, the running backs ran the ball pretty well."


On Defensive Coordinator Bill Young's Return

Gundy: "He was here today working. I ended up coming in at about 11 and I saw him. And I just saw him a little while ago … I hadn't really talked to him, but he's here … I haven't really sat down and visited with him about what his plans are or if the doctor's released him … His guestimate was like seven to 10 days, which should expire either today or tomorrow. I think he'll be back this week."

On Playing Games on the West Coast

Gundy: "Can you imagine if we had been playing in (the PAC-12)? At one time we were supposed to be going to that league. One of my concerns was, if we play, we'll have at least three to four games where we will be traveling across the country like that ... I do not enjoy the real late kickoffs like that, especially being on the West Coast."

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