Key Points: Gundy previews Louisiana

Oklahoma State (1-1) is coming off a 59-38 loss against Arizona. Its next opponent, Louisiana (2-0), defeated Troy 37-24 last Saturday. OSU coach Mike Gundy discussed the Cowboys' disappointing performance and the challenge the Rajin' Cajuns present at his Monday press conference.

The Cowboys won't take Louisiana lightly: "Our team will face a lot of the same challenges we faced last week on offense. (Louisiana) played two quarterbacks, both of them athletic, both of them can run the ball, throw the ball effectively in their style of play … Offensively, we face what would be common on defense."

Wes Lunt is right on track: "We're pleased with where he's at this point in his career. He needs to continue to improve and get better. But I don't know that we could ask much more from him in the positions that he's been in, in the game on the road. I think the offensive players and our team in general has gained respect for him as a player and as a person."

A harsh criticism of the OSU defense: "There was times where we had our heads down in tackling, that was poor. We had opportunities to sack (Arizona quarterback Matt Scott) when he had the ball in one hand and we left our feet and jumped. We coach tirelessly to not do that, and we did that. That's a mistake on our part. And clearly we have to coach better and we have to do a better job playing in those situations. Once they got going, our penalties allowed them to always stay on the chains."

That criticism goes for defensive tackle Calvin Barnett as well: "The personal fouls were not smart football … I had a talk with Calvin Barnett yesterday morning. He understood and admitted that he got out of hand and played the way he always played. But at this level, you can't get away with that. I think he understands that. He's moved into the stage where he's trying to correct those mistakes and make himself better and make his team better."

If running back Joseph Randle doesn't fix his fumbling issues, changes could be made: "He knows he has to take care of the ball or, like Calvin Barnett, we have to play somebody else. It's not anything personal. Joes needs to be in our offense. Joe is versatile. He can block, he can catch, he can run … But if he puts the ball on the ground, he can't play. It's real simple.

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