Bill Young Anxious To Get Back On Field

You've heard the old saying that two heads are better than one. Well that has been more than a saying for the last several seasons with the Oklahoma State Cowboys as veteran defensive coordinator Bill Young and co-defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer have been perfect together at working the defense.

A great example has been the third quarter of games following halftime with Spencer coming from the press box and Young from field level working together to produce the right adjustments. It is almost as if Spencer complements Young's weaknesses with his strengths, and Young does the same with Spencer. Of course, you have the other defensive coaches chiming in too.

The players, to the man, say missing Young was not the problem at Arizona, and say Spencer called a good game. I really believe that as well. But I also believe having two veteran and talented defensive coaches is better than just having one.

"I am glad he's back," said Spencer. "We talked every day last week, and he actually came by a lot last week, too. It's not like he's been gone. It will be nice to get him out on the field again."

"I've been back. I was at a lot of the meetings last week. It is not like I haven't been here," said Young. "I feel no different today than I did three weeks ago. I had tremendous doctors."

Young looks great and looks refreshed. He was complimentary to John Holcomb and myself as he was without Dish TV and listened to the Arizona game on the Cowboy Radio Network. He said it was frustrating but that the broadcast told him what he needed to know. He just wanted to be there.

"I didn't have it on TV; I listened to it on the radio," said Young. "I have surround sound so I was able to listen to it all around the house. It was difficult, and I would have loved to have the opportunity to be there. It is a lot easier being in the game than listening to it.

"It wouldn't have been any different if I had been there. But it would have been a lot easier for me had I been there. I kind of knew what the calls were and visualized what was taking place."

A veteran coach, assignment football is huge for Young and he gets another crack at a zone read, mostly spread offense with Louisiana-Lafayette on Saturday.

"The two quarterbacks are very similar," said Young also adding that Matt Scott of Arizona is truly special with what he is doing so far. "One of them is left-handed and the other is right-handed. They are very athletic and have similar size. They have good speed, and they run the option, the zone read, some quarterback counters and some zone lead keepers with lead blockers. It is a scheme that could give us some problems so we will work hard on it."

Spencer went into more detail on Cajuns starting quarterback Blaine Gautier and Terrance Broadway, the quarterback that came in for him last Saturday at Troy and engineered the first home-opening defeat of Troy in 22 years. Broadway ran for 61 yards and threw for 209 yards and a touchdown.

"Both of them will pull it down and run it. We saw both last year, and there wasn't a huge difference between the two," said Spencer. "The main difference between this year and last is that their offensive line is massive. They have got some big, huge, mobile guys. They have recruited really well up front.

"The quarterbacks will also be similar to (Arizona QB Matt Scott), so we've got to pressure and get on these guys in order to make things happen. We'd better learn from our mistakes this next week."

Each coach also addressed pertinent issues from the Arizona loss. Young talked about the penalties and correcting them with the play of defensive tackle Calvin Barnett.

"One thing you have to look at with Calvin is that he is an emotional guy, and he let his emotions get out of control a little bit," said Young. "He has to be more disciplined than that. When you hit the quarterback in the head, it is going to be a penalty, and you have to understand that. Those are the rules of the game."

Spencer talked about the play of the linebackers, particularly in pass coverage, which was a problem on Saturday.

"They did well. The issues we had were technique and leverage issues," said Spencer. "We didn't know where our help was at times. We had some execution issues. We coughed up some big plays.

"We didn't get the pressure we needed to through failure to keep the quarterback contained. There were some coverage busts that allowed their quarterback to make a few big plays. The mental aspect and execution of game plan is the biggest thing we have to get corrected."

That process should be easier with both Young and Spencer working at it full time for the game with the Cajuns on Saturday.

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