Todd Monken: Lunt Has Been Impressive

Anyone doubting the decision to start true freshman Wes Lunt now? I didn't think so, and neither does Todd Monken, who also said on Monday that Lunt is good on his communication during the game. However, the Oklahoma State offensive coordinator is looking forward to when the Cowboys starting quarterback becomes more outspoken about what he wants to run and not run on the play list.

Monken also says that seeing freeze frames like they do on the sidelines in the NFL is something that Lunt is equipped to take advantage of. However, the NCAA does not allow that.

"The training wheels came off the other night because we had to throw it," Monken said of Lunt's development. "We tried not to throw it so much. We tried to run it, play action it, and keep things fairly simple.

"The good news is that he threw it for a living in high school so it's not like he is out of his element just dropping back and throwing. The penalties and turnovers pushed us into that."

Lunt threw for the fourth most yards in Oklahoma State history in just his second game. Monken thinks he has a very bright future.

"If he breaks a bunch of records, that means we are in bad shape. We want to be able to run the ball and control the clock. It's not hard to see that he's got an unbelievable demeanor, a pocket presence and he is very accurate," said Monken.

"There weren't many balls he threw that you thought were not accurate. Even when he threw into coverage, it was on the money. The flea flicker, the post, the balls were right there. If we can get him to know where to go with the ball, protect him and run well, they'd better have some good defenders because he's going to throw it accurately.

"Just like Brandon Weeden, he is going to put it on the money. He has a level head, and he is going to make a lot of plays and a lot of throws," added Monken.

As for the receivers, Monken discussed the rotation. The major factor is catching the ball. Catch the ball if you're in the rotation and you will play more.

"We wanted to play Charlie Moore a little bit more but Tracy Moore was doing so well," explained Monken. "He was only rotating a little bit at X and Z so we need to get a little more rotation going, but we are very young.

"Even in the slot, we are young. Josh Stewart is a true sophomore. Blake Jackson is new to this level. Blake Webb is a true freshman. John Goodlett is a walk-on kid that is doing great. There is such an inexperience factor that right now they are doing half the stuff right and half the stuff wrong. That is part of it. People don't understand that they are learning as they're going.

"They are going to keep moving forward, and we are going to continue to get better. I know statistically we did well, but we are going to continue to be better and grow. We only have so many bullets that give us the best chance to win and that's why we didn't play as many guys.

"You basically rate guys in terms on if they can help us win," added Monken. "Will they know where to be and be able to make the consistent play? If you're not in the right spot or you drop the ball, that's how we lose games. You have to play good football to start, and the young guys are improving, but there are only so many snaps.

"They will all look back in two or three years and say man, ‘I wasn't very good,' and you know what, they weren't because they haven't played enough. Justin Blackmon was a redshirt freshman. If he was that good, he would have played as a freshman, I promise you. The young guys are going to get better with every rep. It is hard to speed that up."

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