Sunday Rewind: Gundy Talks Wes Lunt

It took about 20 minutes into Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy's Sunday teleconference with the media for somebody to ask the question on everybody's mind. Did Gundy want to add any information about starting quarterback Wes Lunt's knee injury to what he shared in his news conference immediately after the Cowboys 65-24 win over Louisiana on Saturday?

"We're thinking it's not as serious as what we thought right after it happened," said Gundy, adding that he had seen Lunt at a team meeting on Sunday and that with lower extremity injuries it always is more certain some 24 to 48 hours after the injury just how severe it might be.

Gundy said it would be immobilized for 4 to 5 days, and Lunt would receive treatment, ice or whatever, and then be put back in the device. He also added during a different portion of the interview on moving ahead with J.W. Walsh for now as the quarterback that they would know more about Lunt's availability in six, seven or eight days.

Asked about a third-team quarterback and if there was any truth to the statement by offensive coordinator Todd Monken that they would seek out former walk-on scout team quarterback Jace Chilcoat from Midwest City to come back as third team quarterback. Gundy answered, "could be." He followed that by saying he wasn't sure where Chilcoat was these days.

Walsh came in Saturday when Lunt's knee was injured and he did a great impersonation of a starting quarterback. He completed 21 of 30 passes with no interceptions and covered 347 yards with four touchdowns to match Lunt's touchdown total in throwing for 436 yards in the desert last week.

Walsh ran for another 73 yards and a touchdowns on just six carries. Gundy said that his program has had good quarterbacks in recent years, but that was a first for him against the Ragin' Cajuns.

"We've always seemed to have answers there (at quarterback), but that was something I've never experienced going from freshman to freshman. That was different," said Gundy.

What is not different is where the Oklahoma State offense is positioned in the world of Division I FBS and BCS football. After three games, and realizing the more stern tests are ahead on the schedule, the Cowboys are first in scoring offense in the NCAA.

They also are first in total offense, fourth in passing offense with all three schools ahead of them being predominant passing offenses. They are sixth in rushing offense at over 300 yards a game and the schools ahead of them include Air Force and Army, schools that do little but run the ball.

"We have pretty good players and a good scheme and some flexibility in what we do," said Gundy. "Really, since that first year when we were just trying to get our head above water, we've been pretty good. From that point on we were rushing the ball well in the league and that's where we want to be. We do it differently than we did then, but we know to move the ball and score we have to be able to run the ball."

Gundy said Saturday was a good example that his coaching staff has some answers on offense, and going to a back-up like that and make adjustments and move forward is proof of the stability and consistency of the offense. Those are marks that prove a successful offensive tradition like the one Oklahoma State has built. They have been leaders in explosion and balance for the last three or four seasons.

Now with two quarterbacks, both freshmen -- one a true freshman that can really zip the pass and the other a red-shirt freshman that can run and pass the football -- the Cowboys move forward for Texas.

Gundy isn't saying who the quarterback will be on that day or night (expect it to be a night kickoff).

"We're not trying to keep anybody in the dark," said the Cowboys head coach. "Wes and J.W. are completely different styles, and defensive coordinators, like all coaches, only have so many reps that they can put their players through. They'll have to decide what is the best way possbile to use those."

Do you blamce Gundy? I would hope Oklahoma State fans would not. Sure, the fans want to know who will be the quarterback, but if keeping Texas guessing provides some sort of competitive advantage in preparation and could lead to a win on Sept. 29, then I'm pretty sure the fans will say keep us and Mack Brown and Longhorns defensive coordinator Manny Diaz in the dark.

In the meantime, keep polishing that offensive compass that has worked so well.

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