Trevor Walker Likes Oklahoma State Offer

It was revealed recently that Oklahoma State had offered Mansfield (Timberview), Texas safety Trevor Walker. This past weekend Walker made a trip to Boise State for an official visit.

"I'm tired, but it was a good trip," said the 6-1, 190-pound standout defender. "They have nice people up there, and they explained that I would get a lot more out of going there than football.

"I know it would be good because they recruit good kids and everybody around the program is good. They don't have people that get into trouble there," he added.

He has offers from 24 schools including Arizona, Arizona State, Arkansas, Duke, Harvard, Indiana, Iowa, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Louisiana-Monroe, Mississippi, Purdue, Rice, Tulsa, Central Florida, Vanderbilt, and Washington State. Texas, TCU, Baylor, and OU recently sent coaches to evaulate him.

Walker said the Oklahoma State offer got his attention, and he may soon be up in Stillwater.

"They are only four hours or so up the road and they have tickets for games," said Walker. "I've been up there, but I think I will come up and check out a game, and that would be unofficial because they are real close to us here. The Big 12 is like that and I have been up and down 35 (I-35) like to Kansas and Kansas State, Oklahoma State, OU, and down to Baylor."

Walker said he has not seen a lot of action defending passes.

"In three games I've seen maybe 4 or 5 passes and some of those are when I'm in cover two 10 yards off and I come up on a five-yard stop route by a slot receiver," he said. "In my second game they went deep in my area and I picked that off. Now I am averaging 10 to 12 tackles a game, and I still come up on sweep or a run play up the middle."

Walker said he is looking to major in business, and he is looking for that school that wants him for more than just what he can do on the field, a school looking at him as the total person. He said he has yet to scale his list down but that in his mind certain schools are above the others.

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