Walsh to continue aggressive running style

There wasn't any hesitation. When asked whether he would consider wearing a knee brace during games, Oklahoma State quarterback JW Walsh said: "Absolutely not." Walsh has never worn one, and why would he? He ran for 73 yards and a touchdown on six carries on Saturday in a blowout victory against Louisiana – some due in part to not having a brace on.

"If the coaches ask me to wear one or if something were to happen to my knee, then I would," Walsh said. "For right now, I would prefer to not have one on, just because it keeps me free and allows me to move a lot faster without it."

But there's a fine line between running free on the football field and protecting yourself as a ball carrier. Not once did Walsh slide on Saturday, making him vulnerable to big hits. Don't get it twisted, though. There's a big difference between reckless abandonment and being an aggressive runner.

"There comes a point where you've got to protect your body," Walsh said. "You can't always throw yourself out there and get injured. But at the same time, the way I've always played until I get asked to changed; I like to keep going forward, lower my shoulder and try get as many yards as I can, to an extent. Not to where it's stupid and I'm going into four defenders and getting killed."

Despite being thin at the quarterback position, as former walk-on Jase Chilcoat has been called back to the team as a possible scholarship player, head coach Mike Gundy said he wouldn't hold back Walsh's running attack during postgame on Saturday.

Asked about teaching Walsh the slide, Gundy said: "Not right now."

"I think we are always concerned, but JW has to play to his strengths," Gundy said. "Part of his strengths is to run the ball. At times, he'll pull it down and run it. That's an extra dimension he gives us. He's got to continue to work on throwing the ball … I just don't want to take his stinger away. I want him to play the way he's played throughout his career."

Walsh has said in the past that he would like to be considered as a pass-first quarterback that can run in designed situations or as a last resort. But after his performance on Saturday, is he hinting toward offensive coordinator Todd Monken that he'd like a few more planned runs against Texas in two weeks, if Wes Lunt remains injured?

Not so much.

"I try to not get into that stuff," Walsh said. "I just let him call his offense. He's a great coach with a brilliant mind. He knows what he needs to call and I trust him. Whenever he calls a play, I'm going to run it and execute it the best I can."

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