Key Points: Gundy Previews Texas

Oklahoma State (2-1) is coming off a 65-24 victory over Louisiana. Its next opponent, Texas (3-0), defeated Mississippi 66-31 last Saturday. OSU coach Mike Gundy discussed the Cowboys' quarterback situation and the challenge UT presents at his Monday press conference.

Quarterback Wes Lunt could be back sooner than previously rumored: "Wes is doing really good … they've got his leg in an immobilization product, like they do everybody, and that comes off today. They looked at it a few days ago and it was even better than they thought … I don't think that he'll be out there practicing on Tuesday. We're excited about the input that we're getting, the feedback we're getting from the medical staff."

But Gundy won't say if Lunt will be ready for Texas: "It's just hard to say. Again, I used Kendall Hunter as an example. Some guys, just based on the type of injury, it's really hard to predict. But I do know that when they said they were taking him out of the cast and they weren't putting one back on, that's a good sign … I think he'll be out there with us this week before the end of the week."

Gundy would be comfortable with Walsh at QB, despite the strange scenario: "We really like what (Walsh) did and how he performed and handled himself. We went from freshman-to-freshman. That was one scenario that was different than I've ever been in before … I think he's doing very well. Is there a learning curve that has to take place, yes."

It's time to respect Texas quarterback David Ash as the Longhorns No. 1 guy at the position: "He's got game experience now. I don't know how many games he's played in now, 10 or 12 … He's got some experience and he looks like to me from the outside in, he's kind of learned to play to the speed of the game. He seems to have a better feel for what they want to accomplish on offense. He's not making as many mistakes, just maturing in my opinion."

This is a new era of Big 12 football: "I think there's more parity this year than there ever has been and every year it's growing more and more in that area, which is good. It's good for the league, it's good for the fans, it creates interest. It's hard on the coaches, but there are a number of teams that are good football teams."

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