Bill Young: Ash, Longhorns Will Be Real Test

All the talk at Oklahoma State's Monday football news conference was who would be the Cowboys starting quarterback for Saturday's game with Texas. Will Wes Lunt's injured left knee be improved enough for him to play? That remains to be seen, but for the first time in a couple of seasons we do know who will be quarterbacking Texas as David Ash has solidified his hold on the Horns on-field controls.

Ash played most of the game against Oklahoma State last season. The way he hurt the Cowboys the most was by running with the football, a scenario that may be repeated on Saturday night on the other side of the field with J.W. Walsh playing quarterback and using his running skills and speed to gain yards on Texas.

However, Ash is not running nearly as much by what we see and that was confirmed by OSU defensive coordinator Bill Young. Ash is better than he was a year ago.

"He is much more experienced. After having started multiple games last year as well as spring ball and two-a-days, he is just much more settled in," Young said in complimenting Ash in the 3-0 start for Texas.

"He looks a lot more confident in the pocket. They are not a lot different (on offense), just a lot better. They've got multiple starters coming back. Almost all their skill players are back. They have a big, strong, physical offensive line. We are playing a powerful football team that is a lot different from our offense. We will see a lot of powers, counters and unbalanced lines, things that we haven't seen from our offense. It will be a real test," said Young.

Fortunately, the Cowboys had the open week to get a kick start on the process of being ready for Texas. Texas wants to play ball hog while the Oklahoma State offense wants to play make it, take it. There is a conflict there and Todd Monken is rooting for the Cowboys defense to help determine the final flow of the game.

Young knows he has a fan in Monken as the entire Cowboy offense wants to get back on the ball ASAP.

The Texas offense will try to attack both the OSU defense and the rhythm of the OSU offense.

"They are a really powerful, solid football team," Young said. "They take the ball and eat the clock. Our offense needs to be on the field and needs to get timing and rhythm. If you don't get them off the field in a hurry, you can go stale on the sideline."

Three and outs will be nice, but so will an old friend that hasn't shown up much this season so far and got plenty of work in the open week toward bringing it back ... turnovers.

"We emphasize it every week and we have not done a very good job so far," Young explained. "We have three for the year and we are way behind. They emphasis is always there. We want to get a minimum of three a game."

Four, five or six would be even nicer on Saturday.

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