One-on-One With Lane Taylor

It's easy to give credit when it's blatantly obvious. The Oklahoma State football team's success in the past five years has been defined by a quick-strike air and ground offense. Former offensive skill players are blossoming into steady contributors in the NFL – Brandon Weeden, Justin Blackmon, Kendall Hunter and Dez Bryant.

And the Cowboys current offensive stars are once again leading the nation is total offense – 683 yards per game.

But lost in the flashiness of deep fade routes and breakout runs is a group that is just as talented, with the statistics to back it up. It's the OSU offensive line. Since 2007, the unit has allowed only 61 sacks on 2,309 pass attempts – the No. 3 rank in the nation.

To make it all the more impressive, the two schools ahead of OSU, Boise State and Air Force, don't play in the Big 12 conference. They don't face even close to the caliber of rush defenses the Cowboys do in league play.

This season, OSU is one of three teams in the nation that has yet to allow a sack. Senior guard Lane Taylor plans to keep it that way. He is the lone starter returning from last year's squad.

He sat down with Go Pokes to discuss the Cowboys' recent success on the offensive line and Saturday's match up against Texas.

Is it a point of pride for you guys that the offensive line has yet to allow a sack this season?:
Taylor: "Definitely. Any time you can keep the quarterback clean, we definitely know we're doing our job. And that's our goal, to keep our quarterback clean, give him time to throw. We know we have good enough quarterbacks that can make plays if you give them time."

What's been the secret behind the success of the Cowboys' offensive line over the past five years?:
Taylor: "I think it's just hard work. We have a lot of upperclassmen and I think that really plays a big role. We have three seniors, a junior and a sophomore. We all know how to work. We've been here a while. We know what we're expected to do."

With Lunt's injury status in question, does having two different styles of quarterback effect how you play as an offensive lineman?:
Taylor: "No, it doesn't. We're still going to block as normal. We're going to try keeping (Walsh) clean. I'm sure if he has to take off, he'll find a hole somewhere."

Do you look forward to the challenge of facing an aggressive defense like Texas?:
Taylor: "Definitely, I do. I take it as a challenge. I love going against good competition, and they'll be great competition … We want to win, whether it's Texas or Lafayette, or whoever it is. If we're at home, we want to protect our house and win every home game we can. "

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