Gundy: I Thought It Was A Fumble

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy said during his Sunday afternoon teleconference that he forgot to mention after the game something he thought was very important. "That press conference ran so long after the game I forgot to say this, but I thought our crowd was the best it's ever been," Gundy said.

"I thought they did a great job throughout the game, and they knew when to get loud and just did a nice job. When our players were leaving the field they stood up and gave them a standing ovation and I think that's because they though like I did that the players played really hard and never gave in and that they just ran out of time," said Gundy.

"I think that shows a lot about Oklahoma State and the people. That was impressive, in my opinion, and first class."

Now Gundy didn't say it but he likely would not have advicated a standing ovation for the officials. He said he had never been fined by the Big 12 for commenting on officiating, and didn't want to earn one Sunday but he did come in early on Sunday and looked at every angle he could get his hands on of the last Texas touchdown.

It's the play where Texas running back Joe Bergeron was credited with a two-yard touchdown run, but video clearly shows that Oklahoma State linebacker Alex Elkins puts his helmet on the football and it is fumbled.

Cowboys safety Daytawion Lowe ended up with the ball and handed it to officials saying he had recovered the fumble.

Television replays on Saturday night were conclusive on the fumble, but not where the ball was fumbled and whether Bergeron had crossed the plane of the goal line. The real crux of the issue is where the fumble occurred.

"I thought it was a fumble," Gundy said. "I came in early and looked at end zone (video) and sideline (video) we have. My opinion is the ball was fumbled."

When asked it that was what disappointed him most about the game, Gundy hit on other issues.

"I think there were a lot of plays in a game like that," said the Cowboys coach. "I wish we could have converted on the third down and kicked the field goal and run out the clock (in the fourth quarter). I wish we could have stopped the fourth-and-seven and not let them have the pass after that."

When pressed Gundy said he did not think he had any recourse on the non-fumble call on the Longhorns game-winning touchdown, He also said that he had not mentioned it to his players, and they had not discussed it. However, with the questions directed that way he kept filtering out comments.

"I don't understand replay," he said. "I expect that I will hear from someone. You know they are involved in the NFL today, but I expect I will hear from somebody on it this week. I haven't heard anything today."

He did allude that if someone wanted to take an investigative path to the scenario it would likely start with who signaled the touchdown and where he came from. That would be the linesman (at the line of scrimmage) on the Texas or north side of the field at Boone Pickens Stadium.

Gundy said the Cowboys would keep to their normal plan of operations during an off week, which includes practicing hard on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and then after a condition and lift on Friday morning allow the players the rest of Friday and Saturday off before coming back on Sunday to start preparation for Kansas.

He emphasized a lot of areas in which the Cowboys need to improve, in particular third-down defense and the back end of the defense. With some depth issues in the secondary, getting players like freshmen Kevin Peterson and Ashton Lampkin ready to play and make plays is really important.

There is still a lot of football to be played but this bye week must have some answers and production to set the stage for an eight-week run through the rest of the regular season.

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