Key Points: Gundy, Pokes Ready For Kansas

Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy spoke with the media Monday afternoon to discuss the Cowboys' upcoming game against Kansas. Fresh off the bye week, OSU (2-2, 0-1) faces Kansas (1-4, 0-2) in Lawrence on Saturday.

The Cowboys won't take KU lightly: "We had that discussion last night at the end of practice, similar to what I said about playing on the road, it's even magnified when you play a team that in some people's opinion may not be a team that you would get excited about playing. We're not far enough along, not mature enough at key positions to overlook anybody at any time."

There's still hope for a Big 12 Championship: "We think there is a one-loss team that could win, maybe a two-loss team could win based on what's out there … I think West Virginia and Kansas State certainly have set themselves up early, but it's really early."

Gundy likes QB J.W. Walsh's progression: "He's growing and maturing with the position through 150 plays, 200 plays, however many he's been able to get out there on the field. His learning curve has started, you have to get into it a little bit before you can actually start to learn … (Brandon) Weeden was here three years before we played him and he still went through that learning curve in his first 250-300 snaps … (Walsh) has made those mistakes and corrected those mistakes and had successful plays to follow those mistakes."

We won't know who will start at QB against Kansas until Saturday: "We're not going to talk about any injuries or any health issues with players on our team. But (Wes Lunt's) out there with us and certainly day-to-day, just based on the pain that he has. As it lessens throughout his recovery, he'll have an opportunity to do more in each practice."

Odds that he will go with a two-QB system: "I think it would be wise for us to evaluate J.W. once Wes gets healthy and he's able to handle the workload. What was a positive and what he brought to our football team. I don't know that anybody is willing to make a commitment, but up to this point he's brought something to our team, and I don't think it would be smart for us to act like it hadn't happened and to not take advantage of him. If he were at another position, offense or defense, he would be in the game somewhere, somehow."

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