Delete Button Is Bill Young's Favorite

After the loss to Texas there was more talk by Oklahoma Stat fans about stopping third- and fourth-down conversions, preventing big plays in the passing game, and whether or not it was a fumble or if the Big 12 officials got it right or got it wrong. Fans on sports talk radio and on interent fan site message boards were eager to provide the answers.

The fans said the Cowboys need to use four men or five men up front rather than the three-man defensive line that is usually employed on third-and-medium or third-and-long situations. They need to blitz more and they need to be in man coverage. The corners are giving too much cushion or they need to come up and play press coverage.

Fans are ready with their answers. But when asking Cowboys defensive coordinator Bill Young about all the voluntary helpers, he sounded a warning.

"I got all kinds of deals (of advice) and the first thing I do is look at the email and if it is negative then I delete it. I don't even look at it," said Young of how he deals with the volunteer defensive coordinators.

"If you are not careful as a football coach you can really screw yourself up by reading chat messages and newspapers, and (listening to) radio shows because it starts to taint your judgment. I know I have confidence in my judgment and have three other coaches on defense that we rely on, all of us to make calls.

"We know our players, and we look at a lot more film than that old boy that is sitting there on his sofa watching the game on TV," added Young.

As much as preventing the third- and fourth-down conversions, Young is especially eager to crank up the turnover machine the Cowboys defense has been the past two seasons. Turnovers are an even better answer to stopping opposing offenses than the three and out. The field position that comes with the turnovers can be a lot better.

"We've been working on it every day. We worked on it last night," said Young of Sunday night's practice. "We're just emphasizing it to no end. Eventually it will turn around. The ball is going to bounce the right way or we'll get a tipped pass.

"I've always felt turnovers come in droves and hopefully we'll have one of those five turnover games soon and try to catch up. We're definitely behind and we have to do something to make up ground."

As for the pass rush, Young agreed with our theory that sacks don't happen as much as defensive coordinators would like anymore, and that the most critical stat for the defensive line on those third and fourth downs is quarterback hurries.

"If you can get in there and tip a ball, it's like the Kansas State game (vs. Kansas last Saturday), they got three interceptions off of tipped balls," added Young. "We've got to do that kind of thing and there is all kind of discussion about us not getting enough turnovers. Back to turnovers, we have to get more of those."

Young says he has it under control and if fans will be patient they've got the defense on the right track. The bye week helped immensely in getting some of the injured defenders back and in getting more work on those key elements that everybody is wanting to help with.

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